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Sunday, February 28, 2010

Goodyear, AZ

Yes, I did make it to Goodyear, AZ, but only for a week's stay versus a month's stay, which feels really good:). Noone is out and about, which is odd because there are so many RVs here, but I am hoping it is because of the weather which has been cool and rainy.

I decided to rest for a week before moving on and becoming employed, and the weather in Boulevard, CA still looks a bit cool with the lows in the 30s. I will need to decide on Monday or Tuesday what my next route will be but I do KNOW that I want the job in Mt. Hood, OR for the summer. I have been offered several jobs through Workamper but this one seems to feel the best and so I have declined all the others, other than Sacred Rocks Retreat in Boulevard, Ca. Am still waiting to see how that feels...

Today was a good day to reconnect with my friend Vicky who is currently living in Florida. She recently finished several years as the right hand for Malidoma, an African shaman, and at the age of 62 is now in the process of possibly becoming a Peace Corp volunteer. So amazing and inspiring the surrender and willingness to serve her soul's path. I am honored to have met and known her these last few years and have loved every minute we spent together.

Vicky, wishing you well on your journey.

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