The Aspect Of My Life

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Mt. Pisgah

Well, here She is, my sacred mountain.  I have walked every trail and path shown on this video and know this land so intimately.  Enjoy:).

Friday, March 26, 2010

Brother Logan Spinning Fire

Kat's art show

Other Favorite Places

Merlin's Cave, Tintagel, Cornwall  

Glastonbury Tor


I have just figured out how to post pictures, links, etc.  So exciting!

Had to post a couple pictures of my son.

Mt, Pisgah

I took these pictures at Pisgah a few months ago.

Rain, rain and more rain

From what they have been telling me, it has not rained much all winter. It is now making up for it and it looks like it will be raining for many more days. Feeding the flowers, the trees, the earth, and me.

Sleeping, sleeping, sleeping, dreaming, dreaming, dreaming....

Thursday, March 25, 2010


Ask for a mirror and what do I get, my favorite *mirror* of all times, Koko!

She magically appeared on Facebook while I was just checking in and we spent an hour chatting back and forth. I haven't seen or heard from her in such a long time and it was wonderful to reconnect. Last I knew she had sold her B&B and was traveling in India. At 64, she is getting ready for her first marathon in April and since she will then be in such good shape, she is thinking about walking the Camino de Santiago pilgrims trail through Spain (of Shirley McClain fame)in the Fall. She is such an inspiration. So much so, that I later went to the pool and worked with some weights and enjoyed the long awaited hot tub. Also made it to Mt. Pisgah today to pay my respects.

Koko has refurbished a five bedroom home by the sea and the invitation to visit is very appealing. Do I have another visit to England still in me? Will see what the Fall brings.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Aches and Pains

The weather is changing and I sense it, feel it. Not appreciating what it is doing to my body and the aches and pains I am feeling. Knocked out for most of the day.

Dreaming I have walked away from Minnie and cannot use my cell phone to connect to anyone. I am walking down a lone road, not knowing where I am going, it is getting dark and I don't want to get too far away from Minnie. Then I remember, I have paid for a month's stay and do have a place stay, so I hurry back to Minnie to reconnect before total darkness comes and I can no longer see. A safe harbor and protection from what is surely coming.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Whadda Day!

It has been one of those days, a "pin ball day", where I am shot off into wherever the energy takes me.

Started with a call at 7:15 AM from a friend in Portland who thought I was still in Florida so figured it was a good time to call. Then a call from a former client woke me again at 10:00 AM. Felt like people wanting different parts of me which left me scattered and shattered

Off to the storage unit for the final time and then since I was in the vicinity, felt like a good time to drive by my former house. Nope, no energy left there. Good to know.

Went to Market of Choice and according to the law of "when you look your worst you will see someone you know", encountered a man I knew from my water aerobics class. During one of our first conversations he remarked on my tattoo, how he had seen it as a petroglyph at a place in Oregon. I have always known it to be an ancient petroglyph, but didn't know it was recorded in Oregon. So interesting to have just blogged about my tattoo, and there was this interaction again. Wish I could remember the name of the town..

Numerous emails and calls regarding the few items I posted on craigslist, all of which have now sold. That was fast! Numerous calls from Sam as the paper work for dissolution become more finalized.

Finally got around to a shower and couldn't help but notice how my Venus de Milo body is now looking more like Venus of Willendorf:). Thank you Venus for your continued presence, may I age with grace, wisdom and acceptance. And, maybe a flattering mirror or two???

Monday, March 22, 2010


Uh oh, I just had the first thought of getting another tattoo.

I am not a tattoo kind of person, never wanted one, was never going to get one, until that time in Glastonbury when *my* tattoo found me and wouldn't let go until it became a part of me. I carried that picture of my tattoo for several weeks before I was ready to commit and it never let go of its hold on me. It was a rite of passage and something that I will carry with me always and it was so right and fitting that it was imprinted my last time in Glastonbury.

And now it seems another tattoo has started to sniff around me, testing me in my readiness for another imprint. The seed has been planted, but I am not sure if I am willing to make another commitment. Maybe I will just go and look......


Ugh, I have been dealing with my storage unit for several days. Even though it is only 5'x5', what is left are my most beloved items from a time and life I dearly loved. Mostly it is what I considered my "sacred objects" so there are feathers, and tarot cards, and divination readings, and cloths, and tapestries, and runes, and on and on and on. And although I now consider them to be just that, "objects", I still feel their energy and it is not easy letting them go, which is why they have been in storage.

The problem is, I want them all to go to good homes. But the amount of energy it would take to physically transport them all to various people and places is just too much. So, I am struggling with this parting and asking for an easy release so that I can move forward with lightness.

Tomorrow I tackle the very large suitcase that holds my goddess garb. Now that should really be a challenge:)!

Sunday, March 21, 2010


I have heard the song of a Waterfall, stunning in its beauty, a feminine voice flowing to me, embracing me, sharing what few have ever heard.

I have heard the lullaby of a Tree as we shared our songs with one another. I know the sway of the Trees, how they breathe and move, felt their strength and fluidity, ridden their energy like a bucking bronco.

I have heard the song of a Bird that was so magical the imprint was tatooed into my very cells.

I have toned within ancient barrows, drummed in stone circles, ridden the vibration of a chorus of angels and been spun within the tones of a Tibetan bowl.

This is the world that feeds and nourishes me and I am paying tribute on this Equinox, the day of awakening.

Friday, March 19, 2010


I am back in Eugene, settled into Deerwood Park for the month. How do I know I am back in Eugene? While at Trader Joe's, I saw a man with a long, multi-braid beard wearing a kilt. Yep, sure looks like Eugene.

In addition to setting up for a month's stay, I also gave Winnie a good washing and picked up my car which makes it much easier to run around Eugene and get all my unfinished business finished. That was yesterday, today I made it to the social security office and filled out the form needed to get my replacement social security card and took a shower. Plenty for one day.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Seven Feathers

Back at the best, best *best* RV resort. Like staying at a 5 star hotel and I am going to savor every last bit and check out only when my time is fully up. Sites are wide, indoor pool and spa, free coffee, free wifi that is fast! and all for the price of $32.40. This is what all resorts should be like and it is no wonder they are the talk of the road:). Plus, this time I stayed away from the casino.

Lots of mountain passes yesterday, they really get me out of my comfort zone, but did manage to make it over the highest elevation on I-5. Glad to have that all behind me for the moment. But, it is down right cold this morning and I am thinking "did I leave Arizona too soon????".

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Weed, CA

Been on the road for a few days, staying at parks with limited or no wifi service, or service that is so expensive I refuse to pay. Couple of really long days for me, windy conditions and traffic, but I am now in Weed, CA with my friend Wren who has once again stuffed me with salmon and feta cheese and gone out to the far reaches of consciousness to play with me.

Not sure if I am ready to head back to Eugene, did I leave the sunny climates too early, how will my friends and family feel after all the time I have been gone and growth that has occurred, who will I be when put back into this environment. I just don't know.

Tomorrow there will be more mountain passes to drive over and then a stop at one of my favorite parks, Seven Feathers Casino in Canyonville, OR, and then on to Eugene for at least a month's stay while I tie up all those loose ends left dangling when I left. And, how did I not know that *everybody* has their social security card in their possession, or at least they know where it is???? I am shocked to find out this is something I somehow missed out on and now have to go to the courthouse, fill out forms, etc etc etc.....wasn't memorizing all those numbers and remembering them for all those years good enough???? So, just another thing that needs to be done...

Oh, and Louisiana, I think California officially may have the worst rest areas, at least the southern part, where they all seem to have been looted, pillaged, ripped and torn. Somebody should talk to Arnold.

Thursday, March 11, 2010


Been thinking about all that has happened since I left Eugene, white-knuckled, fear laden, overwhelmed, not knowing how I was to accomplish living this life style, but knowing somehow it would all work out. These are some of my favorite memories from my first few months:

Having such an amazing neighbor while parked that first month in Eugene. He helped me through so many lessons and experiences and made me laugh through it all. It makes me smile just thinking about it:).

My friend Wren talking me off the ledge that second day on the road when I felt absolutely paralyzed. She helped me laugh through it as well.

Finally making it to my mom's house in Phoenix and that amazing feeling of accomplishment.

Getting stuck in the mud while at my brother's and watching the good ole boys load onto the tractor, beer in tow, to pull Winnie out of the swampy ground. They were having so much more fun than I was:).

All those times I pulled into Flying J's or Love's to fill up, feeling so cocky, that yes, I was a woman traveling alone, filling up at the truck stop. I still get that same feeling.

Having the best, best, best neighbors I could have ever hoped for while in Navarre, FL. Despite the frigid temperatures, every day was a laugh and love fest. And the food Sherida made (never had better linguine and clams) has yet to be equaled. Whenever I talk on the phone with Sherida I still laugh till my belly hurts and tears roll down my face. I look forward to the day, somewhere, sometime, when we are neighbors again.

Meeting Gypsy Larry who carries the most amazing energy I have ever experienced. His presence lights up the world and it is good he is traveling far and wide to share this light with as many people as possible.

Benson, AZ.....I don't think I got enough! Don't know what it is about that place, but I'll be back.

Rest areas, I love them all! I stop at as many as possible and have never been disappointed. There is something about the energy of so many people traveling to so many places, pausing for that brief moment together, that always gives me a warm, fuzzy feeling. And the surprise of never knowing what you might get....maybe free coffee, maybe free orange juice, maybe a doughnut, maybe free wifi, or maybe just amazing scenery. Texas, by far, has the best rest areas, and Louisiana the worst, mainly because there are none! But, you will never find a bigger fan of rest areas than me:).

I have met so many people, listened to so many stories of pain and joy, laughed, hugged, shared bread, tipped a few cocktails, played dice and cards, greeted many dogs and lived such a full, full life, that I have never regretted a moment of this lifestyle I have chosen.

This and That

Still on a winning streak. Played Zingo last night and won two of the nine games. Got myself a pocket full of quarters:).

Now that Mars has gone direct, I am feeling even more antsy to get on the road. Hopefully, the fridge will be repaired tomorrow and I can leave on Saturday heading towards Eugene for at least a month's stay. Lots of business to tend to.

Got my paperwork for my employment at Mt. Hood, OR for the summer. OMG - how do I remember all those dates of where I worked when???? Did the best I could and hope everything checks out at least well enough to secure the job. It really looks to be a fabulous resort. I have enclosed a link if anyone wants to check it out. (Hope it works, haven't quite figured out how to add a link).

Couldn't figure it out, but here is the link:

Tuesday, March 9, 2010


I was the big winner at bunco this afternoon, won 17 of 24 games. Yeehaw - love those dice:)!

Monday, March 8, 2010

The Loom

I spent several months in initiation with a Tree at Mt. Pisgah in Eugene, Oregon. I started to carry a small notepad so that I could write down all that was coming through in an attempt to not forget all the many teachings. I remain in awe of what was written, as I now feel so removed from that time.

I purchased a crockpot on Saturday at a park yard sale. Because I have such limited space, I needed to rearrange all the cupboards in order to find a place for this new purchase. In the rearranging, I found a notepad that I had completely forgotten about but now feel was perfect in the timing of its rediscovery. I am hesitant to share one of the entries, one of several, but also feel I will get no rest until I do. So here it is.

January 12, 2008

"What is it about Her that calls us out of our warm homes to walk upon Her body during rain deluges?

She gushes with fertility and cannot be denied.

I sit with the Tree and am immediately transported through an energy portal. The Sun comes out and shines on me as I recover the buried wisdom, the Book of Alchemy.

I straddle the two worlds - one side flowing, golden locks, the other side dark, with a finely woven tapestry of colors. In between is the loom, the place of transformation that is necessary for creation. The 'wool' is taken from the golden locks, processed through the holes/grids of the loom and comes through on the other side a beautiful tapestry of many brightly colored yarns".

Few people will understand that this is where my soul resides, within the space that weaves this loom and everything I do and am, is for this purpose. And I have never known it so clearly and dearly as when I sat with my Tree.

Friday, March 5, 2010

'Nother Week in Goodyear

I was already to leave tomorrow, had my week's reservation in Needles, CA, had already said some good-byes, and *poof*, there go those plans!

My refrigerator mysteriously stopped working off of electricity so now will only work off of my propane. I checked everything I knew to check, had a neighbor check what he could think of, called a mobile RV repair service and they had me check everything they could think of, and it looks like a service call is in order. He can't get to me until Monday and then there may be a part to order which would take another few days, so here I am, another week in Goodyear. Good news is that this site was available for another week, which was very fortunate, and I have found a place to buy propane when I start to get panicky about how low I am getting. At the moment I have a half tank so will see how far that gets me.

Trying to see the "bigger picture" as to why I have been delayed this week, and the money it will cost to repair the fridge, and once again, surrender is the theme of the day.

I think I need a drink.....

Thursday, March 4, 2010


Today was laundry day and take it from me, not all laundry facilities are created equal.

Because I am currently staying at such a large park, I had to walk two blocks each way to do my laundry. I would have put it off until I was at a park with closer facilities, but with all those new quarters in my pocket and bedding needing to be washed, it just seemed like a good day for laundry.

Other than the long walk, this was a fairly decent laundry facility. The bonus was that you could add .25 as needed when drying, versus the more typical policy of having to add an entire drying sum, usually .75-$1.25. These are some of the things I have come to appreciate while doing laundry on the road: TVs and good reading material, TVs are extremely rare; a nice chair to sit in; a good book exchange, or any book exchange at all!; dryers that really work and don't cost $2.00 worth of quarters to get my light weight clothes dry; a CLEAN facility with washers and dryers that are not out of order; and the worst one ever, no standing water on the floor! Ewwww...that was the worst. And, as much as I love dogs, no large, hairy dogs in the laundry room while I am taking out my freshly laundered clothes.

Good to be clean for another few days, or weeks.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010


This evening I went to the $1.00 ice cream social (how could I pass that up??) and ended up staying to play Zingo. I have never heard of this game before, but I sure do like it. It is played the same as Bingo, only with cards, and I won $9.75 in quarters. Yahoo! - laundry money:).

Tuesday, March 2, 2010


There is a leprechaun living across from me. It wasn't until our second encounter that I could truly *see* her. One of my gifts is being able to see beyond the human, and into a particular essence a person may carry.

She and her husband came over to introduce themselves and then shared the story of their great granddaughter who is two years old and struggling with heart conditions. Hopefully this beautiful young soul will soon receive a heart transplant, but until then, I said I would do what I could do, which is to send her love and light.

She came back over a short time later to update me on her great granddaughter's condition, which has improved, and we then began to share our stories of the Celtic countries, Ireland, Scotland, England and Wales. It was then that she absolutely morphed into a leprechaun:). I know one when I see one. No wonder she looks like a 20 year old in a 70 something body!

Shooting Stick

Stumbled upon a billiards room and couldn't resist the urge to see how much my game has atrophied since being at my brother's. No big surprise, my game has gone down a few notches.

My brother is an amazing potter ( which the article can explain better than I can. He left the "civilized world" many years ago and never looked back. His life is rustic at best and he is only a few years past having an outhouse and a home that was called the Airhouse because it had no external walls. What he does have going for him in his new abode is a regulation pool table that takes up most of his living/dining area. In December I spent several weeks with him and because there is not much to do other than throwing pots or shooting pool, I spent a lot of time trying to improve my game. On occasion I would have moments of brilliance, but what I lack is consistency. That comes with countless hours of playing and my brother has obviously put in some time. His ease and skill with a pool stick amaze me and I always tell him he could make some money playing this sport if he ever wanted to. He is just happy to have someone to play with and help them figure out the angles and improve their game.

My son also had the opportunity to spend some time with his uncle and the three of us spent way too much time shooting pool with one another. Basically, Ben and I played while my brother, Michael, encouraged us and gave us some valuable pointers. He "toyed" with us until he had enough and then would run the table. But Ben and I did learn alot and played as much as we could. The last time I shot any pool was at a bar in St. Francisville, LA and I whooped Benny. Chock one up for mom:).

Monday, March 1, 2010

Manifesting Minnie

I started looking at motorhomes when I was around 48. At the time I was spending my summers biking across Nebraska and Iowa, spinning wheels in an attempt to escape my life, myself. At the end of an exhausting day on the road all that awaited me was a tent and a thermarest, and if I was lucky, a cold beer. It was hard on my 48 year old body trying to keep up with my 30-something friends and I started to notice and become envious of the elite crowd that had motorhomes, or even a pop-up. On one ride across Nebraska we did have a pop-up which meant at the end of the day we had a cooler full of beer, chips and salsa and even lounge chairs. Wow, this was so much better.

So, on some of my trips to Omaha I started making side trips to RV sales center to drool over what was completely out of my reach but so enticing. I was only looking at new motorhomes, I don't think I even knew there was such a thing as a used motorhome, and most of them were in the $30,000 range. The seed was planted.

When my dad asked me what I wanted for my 50th birthday present, I said I wanted a motorhome and when I told him how much they cost, his reply was "that's one hell of a camper!" and we had a good laugh. He was with me during that trip across Nebraska when we had a pop-up so he could appreciate where I was coming from, but no way was that going to be my birthday gift. What did end up being my 50th birthday present was my first visit to Glastonbury, England and that gift totally changed my life forever. I began an inner journey that was so intense that all thoughts of biking, motorhomes, friends and even family took a backseat until I emerged several years later totally altered from who I had been.

One of the events that happened during that process is that I moved to Eugene, Oregon. All the millions of pieces that had shattered started to reform and I found myself amongst groups of beautiful women who nurtured and protected me as I emerged from the cocoon. I eventually sold my road bike and all my biking clothes, started drumming, attending sacred circles, rediscovering my "seeing" and "feeling" abilities, travelling back and forth to Glastonbury, visiting other worlds and dimensions.

I started visiting and hiking Mt. Pisgah, one of the local mountains in Eugene, and it soon became a sacred place. I experienced so many visions and teachings while sharing time with that mountain that I even started to write a book, The Tree and Me (Teachings from Another World), in an attempt to capture some of the magic that consumed me. That is a whole different story for another time.

On one of my hikes, what I always referred to as a "walk and talk" because I would walk and Spirit would talk, the vision of a motorhome came through loud and clear. Every argument I had as to why this would not work was quickly answered with a solution as to how it could work. I would need a GPS, laptop computer, cell phone and AAA, non of which I had at the time, but I saw how it could be done. And with this seeing, the seeds began to bloom.

It would take a few more years of upheaval, a year rehabilitating a severely broken ankle, moving out of the marriage and then back into the marriage, walking through fears, gaining strength and courage, climbing out of a deeply grooved pattern, until I was finally ready to totally release my former life and jump off the cliff into the great unknown. But I was ready. I had my GPS, laptop and cell phone and a year's worth of roadside assistance would soon follow.

And because I was truly ready, Minnie Minerva Winnie DeVinney showed up in my life. I started looking at RV sales centers, searching the internet, poring over craigslist postings, doing everything I knew how to do to manifest this dream of mine. I came very close to purchasing a Class A RV, was in the process of signing the papers, but had such a physical reaction that I could not commit to finalizing the paperwork and had to walk out the door. To this day I am thankful I was prevented from making that purchase.

In August 2009 I placed a wanted ad on craigslist just to make sure I was covering all my bases. We hadn't even put our house on the market yet but I already knew how it would work out. I had seen the vision while hiking Mt. Pisgah. A few weeks later, I received a reply to that ad and there she was, the perfect motorhome, the one I had been waiting for. She and I connected, I knew she was the one, and that day I committed to the purchase. The sell of the house had yet to close, I did not drive her or have her mechanically checked out, I just showed up a month and a half later with a cashier's check in hand and drove her away. The seed that had been planted so many years ago was now a beautiful flower.

And here we are today, me and Minnie Winnie, both of us showing our age but still looking pretty dang good considering our journeys. Some days all we have are each other, a full tank of gas and an open road. Beats the heck out of pedaling:)!