The Aspect Of My Life

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Grog State

I slept 15 hours last night, that was on top of sleeping most of the day.  I am now drinking detoxification tea and have smeared purification essential oil on my wrists.  If I wasn't so groggy from all the sleep, I think I might actually feel ok.  At least I don't seem to be getting any worse.

It feels like it all started with the full moon.  It was a particularly challenging night to get any sleep, tossing and turning with nothing seeming to help me wander off into Dreamtime.  I put some plant oil on my wrists which almost always helps me sleep but as soon as I would start to fade out, I would be shocked with electrical volts that would pull me back out.  This happened three times.  Not the most pleasant of experiences and I have no idea what it was all about.  I have been asking for a "walk-in", so this could all be dove-tailing together.  Will see how this all looks when I make it to the other side.  Right now I need to cook some food!

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Shamans and Psychics

I have missed speaking my own particular language.  There is no one I can talk to about my Nodes, my Chiron, how the Grand Cross has been affecting me, what energies were felt during the Consciousness Convergence.  I love that language, how effortless the communication feels, the flow, the swirls of beauty that are exchanged.

Then I started having a conversation with neighbor Jan's son Ben.  He is in the process of being initiated into the Black Feet Tribe and every year another initiation is set before him.  He is now seven.  We shared our stories with one another, our stories of initiation, our special "medicine", what is it we are called upon to walk through, crawl through, that gets us to the other side.   He is only seven and yet we talked of shamans and understood one another.

The next night Everett came to visit and we talked of Aleister Crowley and Madame Blavatsky, so amazing that he had even heard of these people.  Every time I see of picture of Madame Blavatsky I feel as if I am viewing a piece of myself, I think we look alike.


I have been sleeping mostly non-stop for the past two days.  My throat is so sore it is hard to swallow and I am waiting to see if this will turn into a cold, or if it is possibly strep throat. Gloria has offered some penicillin from Mexico if I don't feel better by tomorrow.  I cannot remember the last time I was sick like this and I feel vulnerable and wish someone would come take care of me. It is such an effort to wake up, put on clothes, find something to eat. It exhausts me and I fall right back to sleep.  I have been so in and out today I don't know if I am awake or asleep.  Strange way to live.

Thursday, July 22, 2010


It has not been easy for me to live within community and still remain within integrity.  It was so much easier when I could retreat to my Eugene home within the hills, live within my spiritual practice and hide from the world when things became too challenging.  I could choose to never see particular people again, duck and run.  I can no longer do that.

There is no hiding when you live in the open space of an RV park.  Unless, of course, you choose to move frequently.  I am now forced to deal with my own issues of judgment and pettiness, choosing to make an issue out of a non-issue. I don't like seeing this side of myself, but it is something I cannot run from or escape.  It is square in my face.

I am taking time with myself, doing a personal inventory.  There is no one but me to sort through the chaos I have created within myself.

Monday, July 19, 2010

Herb and Alma Dell

My dad and his wife have just left after a week long stay.  They tented behind Minnie and thoroughly enjoyed living outside during their stay.

A particularly powerful moment for my dad was stumbling upon a great great grandson of Chief Joseph.  My father has a powerful bond with Chief Joseph, one that transcends time and place, and this encounter left him deeply emotional.  Watching the two of them share this special knowing between them brought tears to my eyes.  Glad I could be the starting point that would lead these two together.

Alma Dell met some Native American women who taught her how to bead and she spent days working on a blue heron to bead onto a medicine pouch.  The week was full of special, magical moments for the both of them. 

As for me, I have never had to work so hard.  Over 100 people checked in on Friday which left me drained and depleted.  For a brief moment I felt I could not continue with the pace that left no breathing room for over five hours.  I made it through my shift and came home to a fire, family and friends.  It seemed to have made everything else melt away.

I am now enjoying the peace and quiet and beautiful weather that continues day after day.

Friday, July 9, 2010

The Vent Man Cometh

And it was all done in less than 10 minutes and the part probably cost $10-15.  Piece of cake:).

Thursday, July 8, 2010


In my previous life I would have shopped, returned and shopped some more, until I got it "just right".  But with only one trip to Kohl's, my new couch feels "just about right" and that is absolutely "right enough":).

The Elves and the Shoemaker

 One of my favorite books from my childhood was The Elves and the Shoemaker.  I loved how the elves showed up overnight, in the version I remember they came in on a "moonbeam", although I have not been able to find that particular version and wonder if it was my own imagination that inserted that phrase.

One morning I woke up to find that the elves were still with me and found a Sunday newspaper attached to my front door and a pile of wood that had "mysteriously" shown up while I slept.  Thank you Jan and Everett:).

 to Folk and Fairy Tales

Previous Story

The Elves and the Shoemaker

Once upon a time there was an honest shoemaker, who was very poor. He worked as hard as he could, and still he could not earn enough to keep himself and his wife. At last there came a day when he had nothing left but one piece of leather, big enough to make one pair of shoes. He cut out the shoes, ready to stitch, and left them on the bench; then he said his prayers and went to bed, trusting that he could finish the shoes on the next day and sell them.
Bright and early the next morning, he rose and went to his work-bench. There lay a pair of shoes, beautifully made, and the leather was gone! There was no sign of any one's having been there. The shoemaker and his wife did not know what to make of it. But the first customer who came was so pleased with the beautiful shoes that he bought them, and paid so much that the shoemaker was able to buy leather enough for two pairs.
Happily, he cut them out, and then, as it was late, he left the pieces on the bench, ready to sew in the morning. But when morning came, two pairs of shoes lay on the bench, most beautifully made, and no sign of any one who had been there. The shoemaker and his wife were quite at a loss.
That day a customer came and bought both pairs, and paid so much for them that the shoemaker bought leather for four pairs, with the money.
Once more he cut out the shoes and left them on the bench. And in the morning all four pairs were made.
It went on like this until the shoemaker and his wife were prosperous people. But they could not be satisfied to have so much done for them and not know to whom they should be grateful. So one night, after the shoemaker had left the pieces of leather on the bench, he and his wife hid themselves behind a curtain, and left a light in the room.
Just as the clock struck twelve the door opened softly, and two tiny elves came dancing into the room, hopped on to the bench, and began to put the pieces together. They were quite naked, but they had wee little scissors and hammers and thread. Tap! tap! went the little hammers; stitch, stitch, went the thread, and the little elves were hard at work. No one ever worked so fast as they. In almost no time all the shoes were stitched and finished. Then the tiny elves took hold of each other's hands and danced round the shoes on the bench, till the shoemaker and his wife had hard work not to laugh aloud. But as the clock struck two, the little creatures whisked away out of the window, and left the room all as it was before.
The shoemaker and his wife looked at each other, and said, "How can we thank the little elves who have made us happy and prosperous?"
"I should like to make them some pretty clothes," said the wife, "they are quite naked."
"I will make the shoes if you will make the coats," said her husband.
That very day they set about it. The wife cut out two tiny, tiny coats of green, two weeny, weeny waistcoats of yellow, two little pairs of trousers, of white, two bits of caps, bright red (for every one knows the elves love bright colors), and her husband made two little pairs of shoes with long, pointed toes. They made the wee clothes as dainty as could be, with nice little stitches and pretty buttons; and by Christmas time, they were finished.
On Christmas eve, the shoemaker cleaned his bench, and on it, instead of leather, he laid the two sets of gay little fairy- clothes. Then he and his wife hid away as before, to watch.
Promptly at midnight, the little naked elves came in. They hopped upon the bench; but when they saw the little clothes there, they laughed and danced for joy. Each one caught up his little coat and things and began to put them on. Then they looked at each other and made all kinds of funny motions in their delight. At last they began to dance, and when the clock struck two, they danced quite away, out of the window.
They never came back any more, but from that day they gave the shoemaker and his wife good luck, so that they never needed any more help.
from Stories to Tell to Children by Sara Cone Bryant


I am finding it a bit of a challenge these days to write.  My life feels so full and busy that I just seem to move through it and before I know it, the day is over.

The heat has finally come to the mountain so I am sitting outside, watching a woodpecker peck on my pile of wood, listening to the kids playing outside and watching two blue jays play with one another and a squirrel scampering around.  It is not easy pulling myself from that world into this world of writing.  So, I am compiling a week's worth of writing into one blog.

I survived the 4th of July, busy week in the office, and attended a block party on Sunday.  The food was excellent, my contribution was potato chips:), and the main course was smoked salmon and a pork hind quarter that had also been cooked and smoked.  A man on the corner built this smoker himself.

Fellow workampers Ken, Gloria, Chelle and David.  The jackets were on because it was a particularly cold July 4th.

Minnie was in the need of a good washing and it is one of my least favorite chores.  I have tried it three times and it is never as much fun as I think it will be.  I watch men washing their cars, trucks, rigs and they seem to find such pleasure in this task that I wonder what I am missing.  If  I want Minnie washed I must do it myself, or hire a man.  I found Jason, just the man for the job.

Jason is one of a multitude of children David and Chelle have raised.  I lost count long ago as to the actual number of those children and all of their names.  Jason, his wife and her three children, were evicted from their home and consequently have been living in a tent behind Chelle's RV.  Neither of the adults have jobs and recently lost all of their welfare benefits.  Here is a family in need of some money, and I am in need of a rig washer.  Jason is 36,  physically fit and strong, but has some brain damage which affects his behavior.  Hard for him to keep a job.  He assures me he washed trucks before to make a living and will do a good job.  We agree upon a price, $25, and I provide the hose, scrubbing brush, soap, etc.  He asks me if it is ok to go up on the roof, and seeing no problem with this, I give him the go ahead.  I take my laundry and head off to wash my bedding.

About an hour later Chelle comes walking down to the laundry room.  She reports the good news is that I can still sleep in Minnie, bad news is that while on the roof Jason has stepped on one of the hatches and it has broken.  Why am I not surprised?  Even though Jason has absolutely no money, she assures me that she and David will take care of the problem and have called a friend of theirs who owns a mobile RV repair service.  The service call alone costs $60 and after finding out that the part only costs around $15, this morning it was decided that David would buy the part and their friend would tell him how to install it.  This story will be continued, but as most things seem to be a comedy of errors up on this mountain, I am wondering how much weight Minnie's roof can withstand as David is a really big guy!  However, Jason did a wonderful job and Minnie has never been so clean.

Wren spent the 4th of July at Mt. Adams, Washington, home of multiple UFOs, and a full slate of speakers for the annual ECETI conference.   I was there last year for the 4th and my life has never been the same.  I am amazed at all the changes one year's time has brought.  Wren stopped coming and going and pitched her tent behind Minnie and filled me in on all the details of the conference.  I hope to get to Mt. Adams after my work here is done, but it is just one of many possibilities.

Which brings me to the fact that I have had the Road Atlas out which is one of the first clues that I am starting to get restless. Not only that, but I took the time one day to go through all the brochures of the places I have stayed, put them in plastic sleeves and put them in a 3-ring binder.  Just wanted to revisit the fact that yes, some day I will be back on the road, traveling the highways, stopping at rest stops, staying at different parks, movin' and groovin', free at last:).

Friday, July 2, 2010


It is the 4th of July weekend, almost 200 people are checking in on Friday, and it is a comedy of errors.

All is working like clockwork until some unknown software program begins downloading on my computer.  A panic ensues as it must be some type of virus that will soon effect the four computers that are now up and running.  My computer is turned off which leaves us with three computers.  As it begins to download on the computers out in the booth where all check-ins are now occurring, those computers are turned off as well.  This leaves us with only one computer to check in the 60+ reservations that have not checked in.  The booth is closed and all reservations are now moved into the store office.  So much for the wonderful time I was having answering phones and taking care of all store purchases.

Eventually the two store computers are turned back on and we are back to at least half-time.  It is busy, but manageable.

There is another panic as this unknown software download completes on the two store computers.  Jean, my co-worker, and I turn off both our computers so it is at least another 15 minutes before our computers are up and running and we can continue to check people in and allow people to make store purchases.  The lines form but we eventually are back up and running again.

Around 9:00 PM someone runs into an electric pole and wipes out the electricity to several sites.  I am in the process of checking out as my shift is over as the store fills up with people now having problems with their electricity.  There are also people wanting to buy things from the store, check out billiard balls, complain about tent sites that are full of water from the recent rain, and I cannot balance from my day's credit card and cash sales.  There is a machine full of messages because we could not possibly answer all the phone calls and there are just two of us working in the office, both of us still novices to this system.

I cannot do anything but think this has been such a comical day and how much I enjoyed all this amusement.  I eventually balance the day's credit and cash reports, am only 15 minutes past my shift and walk home to find neighbor Jan waiting for me to return, wondering why I am so late.

It has been quite the day and I am looking forward to another work day tomorrow.  What amusements will fill my day?