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Thursday, February 18, 2010

Picacho, AZ

I am in my first 55+ RV park, Picacho Peak RV Resort. It felt very strange, having Winnie checked out because she is older than 10 years, and me, to make sure I was older than 55. I guess I should feel complimented that the guard thought I was younger than 55? Somehow, it didn't feel very complimentary. But I did take full advantage of the outdoor heated pool, jacuzzi and shower and am glad I am only here for the one night.

It was tough leaving the park in Benson. First, a man I had never met decided to have conversation as I was disconnecting the water hose, even had to have a tour of Winnie, so that slowed me down a bit. Then, as I turned the key in the ignition, another person had to come by and say farewell, so I turned off Winnie and got out to say our good-byes. Which led another person to come over to say good-bye. Jeez! It was really one of the friendliest, nicest parks I have been in. I have told the manager, Gary, that I am interested in workamping at this park come November so hopefully he will keep me in mind. He calls me Suzy-Q and is a mixture of Jack Lalane and Frank Sinatra. The characters in that park were just the best.

So tomorrow I am off to Phoenix for a little over a week. It will be good to see my mom and Dan, and sad not to see their dog Lizzie. They had to put Lizzie to sleep the day after my friend Sherida had to put Lilly the Licker to sleep. Strange coincidence.

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