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Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Benson - Day Two

My body absolutely would not let me travel today, 6 days on the road seems to have been enough, so have opted to stay another day in Benson. I do like the energy of this park and am looking forward to a much needed shower. Soon......

I also spent the morning talking to a couple from Oregon and started the process of looking for a workamper job. Workamper jobs are for people like me, on the road, looking to make some extra money, or at least get a month's rent (full hook-up) paid. It is interesting and exciting with all the possibilities so I have filled out a resume, posted some pictures, and will see what shows up. So far, I have had two potential employers take a look at my application. Have home, will travel! And, I would love to release some of this anxiety over finances. Spiritual work has never been a big income producer:). I even turned down my client from Texas because I couldn't figure out how to put my cell phone on speaker phone. And, some days, I am just too tired to be available.

But, put me in your office, and I will brighten your day!! Or, I can really make your toilets *sparkle*:).

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