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Sunday, February 14, 2010

Las Cruces, NM

The original "plan" had been to sleep late, drive a couple of hours, and stay at a park in Van Horn, TX that I had stayed at before. Upon checking the weather, I saw a strong wind was coming in and night time temperatures were going to be in the 20s so had to revamp the plans. Was up in time to watch the sun rise and on the road by 8:00 AM, giving myself plenty of time to stay ahead of the wind.

So, I am now in Las Cruces at the Siesta RV Park, instead of the Fiesta RV Park, my intended destination. Thought I was going to a luxury park, and ended up instead in a very run down park. Oh well, doesn't really matter, just an overnight stay. The day has simply had its way with me.

Should be in Arizona tomorrow, getting back one of those hours I lost such a long time ago. It will be nice to sleep in and still get in early.

Unless, of course, the plans have to be revamped again....

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