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Monday, February 15, 2010


I was connected to my Light Pyramid today and was High, High, HIGH!! 224 miles felt like 20.

It is the kind of high I felt while bicycling and a surge of energy would flow through me and I couldn't pedal fast enough, flying by people I normally could not keep up with, climbing hills and passing other bikers as if they were standing still...*flying*!

It is the kind of high I felt while drumming, a beautiful African djembe tucked between my legs, my brain leaving and my hands taking over with a rhythm and beat beyond my usual sense...*soaring*!

It is the kind of high I felt while being the dancer instead of the drummer, circling around a fire until the sun came up, not being aware of dancing non stop for five hours until the rhythmic energy finally left...*weightless*!

It is the kind of high were I am totally absorbed within the bliss and the magic and the vessel that is Susan is filled with unimaginable splendor and joy.

So, Jan, Rita, Donna, Nicole and Betty, today was a great day to tap into Susan's Electrical Healing. I was running enough energy to light up 200 cities!

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