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Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Messing with Winnie

While in Phoenix, I have been parked across the street from my mother's house, in a fairly secluded neighborhood. In November I stayed for several weeks in the same spot and never had any trouble. Not this time.

I go back and forth between my mother's house and Winnie at least daily, bringing things in, taking things back. The other day I noticed a condom wrapper on the sidewalk next to Winnie. Picked it up, threw it away, no big deal. Today, there was a condom, I believe used, on Winnie's antenna. I didn't notice that the other day, so it may have been overlooked and it was only the one incident, or maybe there were in fact two incidences. In any event, the whole thing has given me pause and I have now moved Winnie into my mother's driveway. Winnie sticks out a bit so it is not the best solution, but good as a temporary measure. Wondering if I shouldn't move to a park for a week, return to my mom's as needed, big hassle. Hoping divorce papers will show up soon so I can move on down the road.

Learning the practice of patience and surrender continue to be part of my daily diet.

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