The Aspect Of My Life

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Ain't Got Time for That

I don't have time to blog any more.  The muse that so filled me with words and letters I needed to write has been on sabbatical for more months than I can count and my recent life has been lived within a swirling whirl wind.  This was my day last Thursday:

Got a text from Steve to come visit so I made the short walk to his site for our almost daily conversation and laugh fest.  A little caramel Baileys made everything even funnier.  A few hours later and it was time for line dancing.

After line dancing I was back in my RV when Mr. Wizard came by to talk about his recent dental surgery.  At one point in his life he was a silversmith so I asked if he could help fix a necklace I recently purchased.  Off we went to his RV where I played his crystal and Tibetan bowls while he fixed the necklace.

Left his RV and was heading home when Evie flagged me down to discuss her cervical bone spurs and her recent visit to the neurosurgeon.  While in her RV I saw Steve knocking on my RV so found him as soon as my conversation with Evie was over.

Back to Steve's RV where he has promised to make steaks for dinner.  A little more Baileys and conversation before I was interrupted with a text from my bank regarding recent fraudulent purchases on my credit card.  Dang!  Probably need to take care of that so out of my chair and here comes Gordon in his cadillac golf cart to give me a ride back to my RV.

The bank taken care of, back to Steve's for dinner.  In the middle of dinner Dutch and Evie come by so we are all soon outside for more conversation and laughs.  As it gets dark, here comes Dave with an electric razor in his hand.  He has gashed his head and wonders if someone can help with any further trimming of hair and help with the butterfly bandages.  Seems I am the only one with the stomach for this kind of thing so I spend a good 15 minutes helping repair the back of his head.

What a day!!  That one was particularly full but all my days seem to be filled with activity, laughter and conversation.  I am also learning how to Swedish weave and practicing an Abba song for the talent show next month.  Add in water volleyball and line dancing and it any wonder I have no time for blogging.