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Friday, February 26, 2010

A Few of my Favorite Things

I have been spending some time doing things that are no longer as available and compatible with my current lifestyle. I went to a movie for the first time in a very long time (Avatar in 3D), got rid of some hair from my legs and my head, watched TV (glad to be able to watch some of the Olympics), ate at several restaurants, went to a Whole Foods grocery store (the smells made me homesick for Eugene:)) and had to take a walk through Trader Joe's. Strange the things we seem to miss.

I was able to reconnect with my new friend, Kat, while in Phoenix. We met while at the Grandmother's Council in early December and are in awe how our paths continue to join up in such a unique way. Kat lives in Asheville, NC but when the winter weather started to be so bad, she abandoned her house and drove to Arizona and rented a condo. Her world has been considerably altered since arriving in Arizona in ways she never could have anticipated. So we spent a day together sharing and laughing about our journeys, surrendering, being available to whatever our Higher Self sets before us. It is wonderful to have another Traveler to connect with, there are so few of us. We live on the fringes of society, never quite fitting in, weaving back and forth between different realms and dimensions, always hoping we will find *home* within some group, and the best we ever do is find another Traveler. And when we do meet another Traveler, we fully understand and support one another completely, even though our orbits are not the same. Only a Traveler really understands this language.

Kat is also a wonderful artist. Check out her website at:

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