The Aspect Of My Life

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Human Nature Festival

I'm going festing!  On Thursday Minnie and I are heading off for three days of music, dancing, art and fun.  And...I get to share it with my son!  I'm so excited!!

"This festival asks its attendees to stop, pause, and praise the land of which surrounds them. As it states on the festival’s main page, “Human Nature is an exploration into the human psyche through sound and light. Multiple stages meander throughout the creek, creating the setting for mystical journeys that transcend genre and category. Time and space converge each night to meld reality and sense with sensibility and in one of the most beautiful coastal properties in the Northwest! Human Nature is an event that leaves nothing desired, and everyone fulfilled.” This sense of fulfillment derives from the festivals emphasis on community and insight. For example, there is an opening ceremony, a segment in which the music is not playing, where one will speak of the power of gathering."

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Sharp Dressed Man

Maria ran away from home and I ended up with  a surprise visitor for the night.  I was exhausted from three very busy work days and glad Maria showed up for conversation and our usual laugh fest.

We decided to go for dinner at the Roadhouse, an easy walk down the hill.  I certainly didn't plan on meeting or talking to anyone other than Maria so threw on my oldest sweatshirt and gave my hair free rein to be as wild as it wanted to be.

I should have known better.  Isn't it always when you look your worst that you run into people you know or meet someone new?  So, yep, that is what happened.  Enter the sharp dressed man.

Maria and I were sitting at the bar and he took the chair one down from Maria.  The last time we were at the Roadhouse Maria struck up a conversation with a cowboy so no surprise that she was soon conversing with the sharp dressed man.  I liked the sharp dressed man and it seems he liked me as well.  But it was quite evident that this well groomed man was not a "full-timer".  Everything about him seemed too meticulous.  He was not wearing shorts, or tennis shoes, a ball cap or  T-shirt.  His nails were perfectly manicured (although he assured me he had never in his life had a manicure).  This was a man still working in corporate America.

I have been full timing for almost three years.  I live in RV parks or out on the desert.  I shower in whatever facility is available, sometimes going longer than I will ever admit.  I try to get my laundry done once a week and the last time I got a hair cut I cut it myself (braided my hair into two pigtails and chopped off the ends).  Every now and then I get a manicure or pedicure, but it is still a rare occurrence.  I do my best to keep up some type of beauty routine for my face, massage lotion into my hands and feet each night and try to keep an assortment of clothes that can be worn for any occasion.  But I don't often get an occasion to wear those clothes.  I live in a 25' motor home, sleep alone and there is not much need for too much grooming. 

And this new man I met has got me thinking about the effort it would take to be a little more groomed.  Would I really have to shave my legs more frequently and take a shower more often?  Do something more to my hair, pluck my eyebrows?  I am not sure I am up to the task.

So I am not sure if this man will call me again or not, but he sure got me thinking about this easier lifestyle of mine and if a full-timing woman and a corporate man even have much in common.

Thursday, June 14, 2012

More Surprises

Donlyna and Becca
Deerwood RV Park has always been very good to me.  I met Maria and Todd there and this last Spring I met Donlyna.  She was my neighbor for a month and we had some wonderful conversations.  I also came to know her daughter through some time we spent together.

Another total surprise when they came for a short visit.  I enjoy them so much I want to live with them in a commune, on a piece of land with some other beautiful people.

This seems to be a dream for so many people and I am hoping some day it will be realized.

Sunday, June 10, 2012


The month of May flew by and June seems to be moving just as quickly.  I work my three days a week and on the four days off I do all my chores and try to get to the ocean as much as possible.

 I love walking the beach and never seem to get enough.  I have a tide table but have never used it which means I am constantly surprised.  Surprised by the strength of the waves, the shoreline and what that shoreline has to offer.  My pockets are bulging by the time I return home because there are so many beach treasures that beckon and make me believe I can make jewelry from some of those finds. is such a love affair.

I also continue to have visitors.  Jan and Peter from the Hood dropped by for dinner one evening and Bri stopped by for coffee on his way to Vancouver.  I met Bri at the mini rally at City of Rocks, New Mexico and continue to enjoy his company and conversations. 

How Bri Does His Traveling
Just never know who is going to show up next!