The Aspect Of My Life

Monday, August 16, 2010


It has finally gotten so hot that I had the air conditioner on yesterday and it looks like today will be the same.  My plan had been to never run the air conditioner but with temperatures in the 90s, I ran it for two hours yesterday during the hottest part of the day.  Glad I am parked in my wonderful shade home and that the evening temperatures still fall down into the high 50s or low 60s.

Oregon summers suit me well.  There are few bugs, low humidity, cool evenings and only a few days where the heat reaches the 90s.  That was the main reason I wanted to workamp in Oregon as I know what paradise the summers can be.  I didn't necessarily end up in the best park, but I did choose the perfect climate.

Friday, August 13, 2010

A Year's Time

This time last year I was married, living in a beautiful 2,700 square foot home in the hills, four bedrooms, 2 1/2 baths, wrap around deck with a hot tub, all the bells and whistles.  I loved my beautiful art accumulated from around the world; drums from Africa, black pottery and knic-knaks from Mexico, wooden bowls from Costa Rica.  Art work from Guatemala, Greece and New Orleans adorned my walls.  I had an office where I saw clients for readings and another room set up for cranial touch clients.  I could come and go as I pleased, work if I wanted, not because I had to, as all my financial needs were taken care of.  It looked like an enviable life.  However, for as long as I can remember, the tape in my head would loop round and round asking, "Is it time to leave now?  Can I leave now?  Is it time, is it time, IS IT TIME???".  And one day, it was finally time.

I watched as my ex-husband's hands shook as he was trying to repair a vent.  I just sat and stared.  And then I went up to my office and researched alcoholism and tremors on my computer.  It was as if I needed one last affirmation of how far this disease had progressed and some piece finally clicked and I knew that the time had finally arrived.  I approached my then husband and said, "Either you file the papers, or we hire attorneys.  That is your only option".  We had discussed divorce before, but I had never had such resolve and fearlessness.  This time there was no talking me out of a divorce, no wooing me back, no other option.  I had finally walked through the fear.

Within a week of placing the house on the market it sold and the sell closed within 30 days.  Our realtors called it the "miracle sale" as everything happened so quickly in a market where few houses were selling and if they did sell, only 25% actually closed.   It was a mad dash of working with painters, contractors, electricians while at the same time clearing out  23 years worth of accumulations.  A strong Warrior Woman energy helped me through the process as my ex could not cope with the stress and mentally, emotionally and physically checked out.  This Warrior stayed with me and carried me through until I locked the house for the final time and than as suddenly as she appeared, she disappeared.

I started blogging shortly after this time period, when Minnie and I became partners in the next journey of my life. I can hardly believe that it has only been a year's time as it feels so many life times ago.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010


I do not like to cook.  Never have, never will and I make no excuses.  It is just something I do not enjoy.  However, I do love good food, the fresher the better, and will sing the praises of anyone who cooks and shares food with me no matter what the skill level.

And so I find it amusing that one of my new followers is a chef (hello, Big Sky Chef:)). I have no idea how he found my blog, or how any of the others have found me that I do not have a personal relationship with, but I love the surprise when someone new shows up.  What interests do we share, will our paths ever cross, what will we learn from one another....  I do know that Big Sky Chef and I have similar taste in music and that some of the others are interested in becoming solo, or full timers.  So I welcome you all, whoever you may be:)!

Now, here is my homage to some of the good food I have been the beneficiary of in my travels.

And, for my final bit, I am now simmering a French Dip in the crock pot that will be served on fresh ciabatta bread.  Maybe someone will sing my praises.

Back at Mt. Hood

And so I am back at Mt. Hood.  Can't say that I was happy to return, but at the same time I feel renewed, more like myself, and with only one more month of work I know the time will go quickly.

I spent two nights away at two different parks and thoroughly enjoyed both of them.  Sunday night I settled back into Deerwood Park in Eugene ( and still love the energy of this park that I have made my RV home whenever possible.  Saw a few people I have met in previous stays and nice to see they now have new table and chairs at all the sites.  It is always a nice park, but it is particularly beautiful in the summer.

The next day I spent replenishing all the supplies I have longed for from the Market of Choice.  This grocery store is my all time favorite and I relished the smells and sights of being "home".  Stocked my cupboard and fridge as full as I could as I know it may be a long time coming before I am able to find fresh, organic food again.

I wasn't yet ready to head back to Mt. Hood so I decided to spend Monday night outside of Portland at Woodburn, home of the outlet mall, ( I actually did not think this park was too bad and it was within walking distance to the mall so it suited my needs.  I spent waaaaaay more money at the mall than I had intended, but once again, I do not know when I will have the opportunity again so took the time to stock up.  Because I was parked so close to the laundry, Tuesday morning I washed all my bedding and other laundry so that chore would be done when I arrived back at Mt. Hood.

Made a few other stops on the way back filling up water jugs, buying another folding chair, etc. just to stretch out the time before becoming stationary again.  I loved being back on the road again, music on the radio, wide open expanses, different scenery, rest stops:), meeting new people.  Replenishing my spirit as well as my food and wardrobe.

Late afternoon Tuesday pulled back into my spot.  Without any assistance, I managed to perfectly align Minnie with the outdoor mat I left on the ground before leaving and nestled right back in as if I had never left.
As soon as Everett came home from work he came trotting over with the gift of a sweet, juicy peach in hand, the kind he is so addicted to.  I felt like Jupiter himself, returned from the Orient, bearing gifts for Everett.  Organic coffee from Sumatra, tea from China, incense from India; a sweet taste of organic cherry tomatoes, dark cherries and blackberry honey.  Everett has been so kind and giving that it felt wonderful to finally be able to gift in return.
I walked over to the office only to find four people working in the office trying to learn a new point-of-sale system that has just been implemented on the computers.  As I walked up to the door, Gloria mouthed "don't come in!", but I just couldn't resist and laughed myself silly that we now have this new system to learn, in the busiest season, with so many people checking in on Thursday and Friday.  This should keep customers in a mile long line trying to buy ice cream that is now melting down their arms:).

Yep, good to know not much has changed at the Fun House:).

Carolyn and Dale

I made it back to Eugene for the Leo birthday party and an added incentive was knowing that Dale was going to propose to Carolyn.  Seems like everyone knew except for Carolyn!  It was a wonderful gathering of harp playing, drum beating and the sweet song of Carolyn's flute.

Carolyn is my Star Sister and we sent a "sparkle message" to one another at our very first meeting.  When we later met for tea, her first words to me were "I am a Traveler" and I knew immediately and exactly to what she was referring.  She is my nearest neighbor in whatever galaxy we come from and a phone call from her has saved me many times when I have strayed too far out into the Cosmos.  In our get togethers we have visited many ancient realms together and know each beyond this space and time.  We speak a language that is vibrationally connected, where words are not necessary.  I love her dearly.

Dale is an alchemist and I know him to carry the energy of Merlin.  He is the caretaker of the Land that he lives on and it has become a place of magic and beauty.  He has worked for many years with crystals and has recently begun using his alchemical skills to turn water into the healing agent it has always meant to be.  His new water is infused with gold and one sip is sublime.  We all had a tasting of this water which made us giddy with love and life.  No need for drugs or alcohol at this party:).
Water Tasting

Drum Circle
Powerful women playing the Mother Drum  
Leo Jan opening her Bubble Wand present

Sleeping under a big Sky and Crystal Dome  

And so, on bended knee, Dale proposed to Carolyn, she accepted and the world will now benefit from the magic they will weave together.  May we all be so blessed.

Friday, August 6, 2010


The park is jam packed full of people.  So full that they are putting people in with the long termers which means I now have neighbors who pulled in at 10:00 AM this morning and interrupted my morning peace.   The whole block is full which is a rarity.  Considering how many people are in the park there were few problems and everyone seems to have settled in quite nicely.  I still may have to remind my neighbors that quiet time is 10:00 PM, but I think if it comes to that they will respect the time and quiet down.

As stressful as this place and work have been, I am already starting my grieving process.  I know so many people here that it will be odd to be off on my own again, a stranger wandering the world.  I have grown accustomed to the hellos and waves of my fellow workers and my neighbors that greet me each day.  I have once again been lulled into believing this is as it will always be, and yet at the same time knowing it will not be.  I want to take them all with me as I move along.  I have memories of a Tribe that moved together but have yet to find it in this life time.  And so I remain a solitary nomad.

Thursday, August 5, 2010


Work has gone from bad to worse.  I did not know this was even a possibility but all the employees are now so disgruntled that it is hard to find anyone not voicing their displeasure.  When doing my laundry this week I got a non-stop tirade from one of the people working in activities.  Activities is down to two employees from three and it seems the activities director has a drinking problem...duh!  We have all know that from day one, except for maybe the manager.  What a zoo!

I had forgotten that there was a party this coming weekend in Eugene for all my Leo friends. Somehow I thought it was next weekend, but I think it is the perfect time to get out of Dodge so I am preparing for a few days away from the Fun House.  It means packing, storing and pulling up camp for a few days but I think in the long run it will all be worth it.  My main concern is that once I get out of here, I may not be able to return to this crazinesss.  Who would want to?

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Haunting Dream

I still have not been able to fully return.  Dreamtime now has such a hold on me.  I wonder if anyone else is experiencing this sleepwalking state or if this is my own peculiar new state of being.

I had a lucid dream this morning and was with a man who I remember, yet cannot place in this time.  We were to be together but he was seduced by another while I was with him.  It was not to be, and yet it was.  My words as I woke up were, "It should have been me, and now it will never be me".  It still haunts me.

Monday, August 2, 2010

Fun House

I am slowly resurfacing, not completely back yet.  And I must say, I have enjoyed this sleepwalking journey of the last week.

I worked my four hour shift on Thursday without too much trouble other than some comments that I looked very pale and a brief moment when I felt like I might faint. On Friday, Gloria came by around 10:45 AM with chicken salad for my lunch and I was still in bed, but with every intention of getting up by 11:00 to start slowly getting ready for my 1:30-9:30 shift.  After Gloria left I promptly fell back to sleep and did not wake up until there was a knock on my door around 2:00 PM.  Seems I was sleeping through my shift and the office was a bit concerned about me since they knew I was not feeling well.  They sent two maintenance men to check on me and as I opened the door and peered out at them I wondered, "what planet are they from and what language are they speaking?".  For awhile all I could do was stare at them as I had no idea what they were saying.  I finally figured out what they were saying, mumbled back something to them which must have made sense as they soon left and radioed to the office that I was ok and would show up for work at some point.

I did make it to work an hour later, worked until 9:30 PM and actually had a wonderful day.  Seems I can sleepwalk and work at the same time!  This is wonderful news and makes everything so much more amusing.  I am finally starting to surrender to this Fun House and wish I had the time and energy to write a book about all the characters who populate my neighborhood and pass in and out of the office.  The stories are numerous, crazy, unbelievable; comedies, dramas, mysteries.

Welcome to the Fun House.