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Wednesday, February 3, 2010


My original intent was to stay in Mexico Beach through February 13, possibly longer, but the longer I stay here, the more it doesn't feel like a very good fit. The people are friendly enough, yet I still feel like an out-sider. Am so happy I decided to stay in Navarre for the month of January instead of my original plan to stay that month in Mexico Beach.

Today I checked to see if I could leave tomorrow, but they are holding me to at least a week's stay so I have paid for my week and will be here until February 8th. Glad I don't have to stay the two weeks!

The blessing in all this is that I discovered there is a heated outdoor pool at the hotel across the street so spent a wonderful hour playing porpoise, diving in and out of the waters. I have not been in a pool since Canyonville, OR and oh how my body was loving it. Spent time talking to a woman about the Alaska Highway and it is definitely on my "bucket list".

Before my life was turned upside down, I felt there was nothing I had not seen or done, other than maybe a trip to New Zealand, but it seems that on the underside of this upside down world there are all sorts of things I want to see and experience; Orcas Island, deserts, shooting stars, the aura borealis....

Looks like maybe I will be sticking around for awhile.

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