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Friday, February 5, 2010


I have learned such a valuable lesson....NEVER commit to staying any one place until you have actually arrived at the place and checked it out!

I long to move on but because I have already paid for the week, I am feeling totally stuck. Not a very good feeling. The best alternative I could come up with is that I am leaving on Sunday instead of Monday, which will actually work much better for me. It will cost me an extra day's rate, but I am willing to pay that price and consider it well worth it to have learned from this experience.

Went to the Tiki Bar yesterday. The bar itself was not open but there were people sitting at a table who had brought their own beverages and asked me to join them. One of the couples was from Lincoln, Nebraska, the first Nebraska folks I have met since being on the road. Sat with them for a few hours and it became even clearer this desire to move on:).

Time to saddle up and get on down the road~~~~~

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