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Monday, March 1, 2010

Manifesting Minnie

I started looking at motorhomes when I was around 48. At the time I was spending my summers biking across Nebraska and Iowa, spinning wheels in an attempt to escape my life, myself. At the end of an exhausting day on the road all that awaited me was a tent and a thermarest, and if I was lucky, a cold beer. It was hard on my 48 year old body trying to keep up with my 30-something friends and I started to notice and become envious of the elite crowd that had motorhomes, or even a pop-up. On one ride across Nebraska we did have a pop-up which meant at the end of the day we had a cooler full of beer, chips and salsa and even lounge chairs. Wow, this was so much better.

So, on some of my trips to Omaha I started making side trips to RV sales center to drool over what was completely out of my reach but so enticing. I was only looking at new motorhomes, I don't think I even knew there was such a thing as a used motorhome, and most of them were in the $30,000 range. The seed was planted.

When my dad asked me what I wanted for my 50th birthday present, I said I wanted a motorhome and when I told him how much they cost, his reply was "that's one hell of a camper!" and we had a good laugh. He was with me during that trip across Nebraska when we had a pop-up so he could appreciate where I was coming from, but no way was that going to be my birthday gift. What did end up being my 50th birthday present was my first visit to Glastonbury, England and that gift totally changed my life forever. I began an inner journey that was so intense that all thoughts of biking, motorhomes, friends and even family took a backseat until I emerged several years later totally altered from who I had been.

One of the events that happened during that process is that I moved to Eugene, Oregon. All the millions of pieces that had shattered started to reform and I found myself amongst groups of beautiful women who nurtured and protected me as I emerged from the cocoon. I eventually sold my road bike and all my biking clothes, started drumming, attending sacred circles, rediscovering my "seeing" and "feeling" abilities, travelling back and forth to Glastonbury, visiting other worlds and dimensions.

I started visiting and hiking Mt. Pisgah, one of the local mountains in Eugene, and it soon became a sacred place. I experienced so many visions and teachings while sharing time with that mountain that I even started to write a book, The Tree and Me (Teachings from Another World), in an attempt to capture some of the magic that consumed me. That is a whole different story for another time.

On one of my hikes, what I always referred to as a "walk and talk" because I would walk and Spirit would talk, the vision of a motorhome came through loud and clear. Every argument I had as to why this would not work was quickly answered with a solution as to how it could work. I would need a GPS, laptop computer, cell phone and AAA, non of which I had at the time, but I saw how it could be done. And with this seeing, the seeds began to bloom.

It would take a few more years of upheaval, a year rehabilitating a severely broken ankle, moving out of the marriage and then back into the marriage, walking through fears, gaining strength and courage, climbing out of a deeply grooved pattern, until I was finally ready to totally release my former life and jump off the cliff into the great unknown. But I was ready. I had my GPS, laptop and cell phone and a year's worth of roadside assistance would soon follow.

And because I was truly ready, Minnie Minerva Winnie DeVinney showed up in my life. I started looking at RV sales centers, searching the internet, poring over craigslist postings, doing everything I knew how to do to manifest this dream of mine. I came very close to purchasing a Class A RV, was in the process of signing the papers, but had such a physical reaction that I could not commit to finalizing the paperwork and had to walk out the door. To this day I am thankful I was prevented from making that purchase.

In August 2009 I placed a wanted ad on craigslist just to make sure I was covering all my bases. We hadn't even put our house on the market yet but I already knew how it would work out. I had seen the vision while hiking Mt. Pisgah. A few weeks later, I received a reply to that ad and there she was, the perfect motorhome, the one I had been waiting for. She and I connected, I knew she was the one, and that day I committed to the purchase. The sell of the house had yet to close, I did not drive her or have her mechanically checked out, I just showed up a month and a half later with a cashier's check in hand and drove her away. The seed that had been planted so many years ago was now a beautiful flower.

And here we are today, me and Minnie Winnie, both of us showing our age but still looking pretty dang good considering our journeys. Some days all we have are each other, a full tank of gas and an open road. Beats the heck out of pedaling:)!


  1. A sweet tale. Tioga George also had an emotional connection with his RV when they found each other. Things are not always just things.

    Continue the adventure, and thank you for sharing. Vicarious and virtual travelers are enriched by shared travels such as yours.


  2. Thank you Michael. I have shared a bond with too many shells, rocks and "things" to not understand that there is always an energy that is exchanged. The bike I rode for so many years and put so many miles on was one of my best traveling companions and very dear to me. She was a wonderful "pony":).