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Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Benson - Day Three

Yep, still here, haven't been able to leave. Tomorrow, I gotta get out of here! And, it feels like the energy has shifted and I am feeling the urge to get back on the road.

Part of my hesitation has been because it has felt so good here, and part of it is because the thought of civilization, going into a big city, sleeping in a bed in a house, has no allure. I have become accustomed to this lifestyle and the community of other gypsies which soothes my soul. It is a world unto its own, we vagabonds. And I wonder if I will ever be able to reenter a stationary life style.

And today I received my first offer of potential employment through workamper. It is at a resort north of Kansas City, MO. Do I really want to spend a summer in the midwest with the summer heat and humidity???? Probably not.

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