The Aspect Of My Life

Sunday, April 29, 2012

These Boots Are Made For Walkin'

I have wanted a pair of boots for some time.  I could never find a pair comfortable enough or within my price range and had given up the search for something that would also accommodate the plates and screws in my right ankle.

Awhile back Maria teased me with a picture of some amazing boots that she purchased with some credit card points she had on hand.  While at the Slabs I was also envious of the boots that Robi wore  even while riding her bicycle.  Wish I had me some of those boots.

So today Maria and I went for one of our last lunches before I head up the coast.  A beer and a half later we were in a shoe store that I had previously been in by myself and found nothing to my liking.  But Maria is a "shoe person" and after watching her try on numerous sale boots I decided I might as well try some on just to keep her company.

And whaddya know!  I found me some boots!  They have rubber soles which will work well in wet weather and beautiful leather uppers.  They are super comfortable, don't irritate my knobby ankle and were even on sale.

I always feel like I spend too much money when I am with Maria.  While we were getting our nails done she came across an article titled "Does Your Friend Make You Spend Too Much Money" and my answer was "YES!".

But I always love what I buy and can remember where and when I buy each item.  So every time I buy something while with Maria, a part of her travels along with me.

She is starting to become a full time traveler:).

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Girls' Day Out

It is always fun when I am with Maria and yesterday was no exception.

I woke up feeling old and ugly, it happens, but was feeling marvelous by the end of the day.  We went shopping, went to the nail salon and by the end of the day we were sitting on bar stools at the Beachcomber Pub.
The Beachcomber
I have begun my clam chowder sampling and the Beachcomber clam chowder will be tough to beat.  Sooooo good.  We also had a few drinks, some conversation with the waiters and lots of laughs.  It is one of my favorite bars on the Oregon coast but I am still willing to explore a few more.

I had a beer with my chowder and then as if by magic I had a rum and diet coke set before me, compliments of the waiter who had made an error in his drink pouring.  Rum and diet coke is one of my favorite drinks so I was happy to accept.

So it seems as if my manifesting skills are still working, things are coming to me.  I accepted the drink, but I have decided I am not ready to sell Minnie.

Saturday, April 21, 2012

Florence, Oregon

Port of Siuslaw, Florence
I didn't want to leave Eugene.  I had such a wonderful time reconnecting with friends and making new friends and spending time with my son...well, it was just a challenge to leave.

But then I landed in Florence on the Oregon coast and thoughts of Eugene slowly flitted away.  Maria has purchased a home in Florence which makes things even better.  When the weather is good there is nothing like being on the coast.  However, I was not prepared for the wind and rain when it came roaring in.  Maria and I were off looking at RVs and thankfully we returned to Minnie just in time to reel in the awning that I had erroneously left rolled out.  The awning suffered a minor tear and through some kindness on Stan's part and some repair tape, the awning will survive a few more years.

Stan the Man
I found an RV that I really like.  It is 27', has two slides, an entertainment center over the cab and so much more storage.  The price is right, it has low mileage and is also a Minnie Winnie.  I have been pondering whether I really want to commit to a new home and part with my beloved Minnie. 

While I was sitting outside today enjoying the beautiful weather a car pulled up and parked right next to where I was sitting.  They are very interested in Minnie and after I gave them a tour they are even more interested in buying her.  I have asked for things to come to me, and it appears they are:).  Even more interestingly they are from a town by the name of Merlin.  The significance of this is not lost on me and now the ball is back in my court.

 I need to sleep on it and take another more serious look at the 27' because at this point, I really don't know what to do.

Friday, April 13, 2012

Dog Sitting

I find myself dog sitting for the next several days.  The "kids" have gone off to their first festival of the season and Ralph and I are the step children that are left behind.

I felt a bit envious as my son and three others took off for Santa Barbara, CA.  I want to go!  They have just begun their summer of love and festivals that will be scattered throughout the United Stated.  There will be music, art, fire, healings and love...lots of Love.  One of those festivals will be close enough for me to drive to so I am hoping I will be able to attend in June.  I want to be surrounded in that energy and the transformations that occur.

But for now, it is just me and Ralph.  Thankfully he is an extremely well behaved animal and we seem to be adjusting to one another just fine.  I have two readings this afternoon which means quite a bit of jockeying around to create the space and cleanliness necessary when I do readings but somehow it will all work out.

Me and Ralph, the step kids left behind.

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

I'm Driving In My Car

Well actually it is my son's car, but it sure keeps me busy.

I haven't had a car in so long that it took me a few days to get used to driving a small car instead of a 25' motorhome.  For awhile I continued to drive the car as if it were Minnie.  I took the corners slow and wide, backed up very slowly and drove it as if it were a truck.  It also felt like I was sitting on the ground.  Once I got the feel for it I love the fast response time, the ease of backing up, the sharp cornering and fuel efficiency.  What I miss are big side mirrors, my cushy captain's chair, being elevated and my toilet.

I have now had the car for a week and I have been visiting friends, gone out to eat, been to the courthouse, been to the post office, been shopping (more than a few times), been to the bank, taken some clothes to Goodwill and been to four different RV dealers (I am looking to trade in Minnie).  I have a few more days with this car and I still need to get passport pictures taken, get a haircut, go to the Gem Faire, go to a drumming circle and attend the season opening Eugene Saturday Market.

This has felt like a very busy, hectic life style and I don't think I will miss it when the Prius goes home.