The Aspect Of My Life

Saturday, June 29, 2013

'Nother Day, 'Nother State

 I had a wonderful 5 days in Crested Butte, Colorado enjoying the scenery, hiking and weather.  And I even enjoyed being parked on the frisbee golf course.  But there always comes the point when it is time to go and when that time came I drove straight into a heat wave.

My Last Hike in Crested Butte 
It was a good 30 degrees hotter my first rest stop after leaving Crested Butte and it only got hotter the further I drove.  All I could think of was "GET ME TO THE WEST COAST!".  And so with manic desperation I pushed the Aspect and myself through Colorado, Idaho and Nevada and back into Oregon.  Yesterday it was 104 degrees in Winnemucca, NV at 5 PM.  Today in Oregon it was 90 degrees.  Still hot, but a noticeable difference.  Tomorrow I will make it to my west coast destination and the weather should be much cooler. 

The drive from Winnemucca to Klamath Falls, OR was one of the most challenging and beautiful roads I have ever driven.  For the first 200 miles I barely saw another vehicle.  It was mountainous, curvy and desolate.   And then there was this:
It was a section of a rainbow coming out of a cloud.  It was not raining, there were some clouds but I couldn't quite figure out this swath of rainbow that kept getting larger and larger.  And then I looked behind me and saw this:

WOW!  So amazing and not another soul for miles around to enjoy it.  What a wonderful way to start a new day....rainbows, mountains and cooler weather.

Welcome back to Oregon.

Sunday, June 23, 2013

Crested Butte, Colorado

I have found myself in Never, Never Land, a town where the Lost Boys have taken up residence.  The name of that town is Crested Butte.

I went to college in Boulder, Colorado and I can't help but feel that I am 18 again and back in college.  So many young people live here!  Mountain bikers, hikers, kayakers, any outdoor sport and they are here.  I am dry camping across the street from my friend and it is a parking lot for a frisbee golf course.

I get the distinct impression that no adults live here and certainly don't make the rules.  And yet there is no crime to speak of, the town is thriving and the nature that surrounds the town seems surreal because it is so beautiful.  Everyone I have met in the streets or in the stores seems so happy!

No wonder Peter Pan took up residence.

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Golden Days in Golden, Colorado

I finished up my business with South Dakota and started my trek back to Colorado.  I decided to break it up into two days and stopped in Gering, NE and ended up in the most amazing park! (  Biggest site I have ever had, most cable channels I have ever had and good, fast wifi.  All for $27!!!
Now THAT is a Big Site!

My View (With 2 UFOs on the Left Side - Have No Idea Where They Came From!)
 Sometimes I don't know why I end up where I do, or for what purpose. While in Gering I needed to have my RV looked at after an exhausting day on the road. I drove to one RV repair place and no one was there and I could not reach them on their phone. After a trip back to the RV park and a trip to another RV repair guy, now totally exhausted, I met Butch. Butch fixed my problem and all he asked for in return was a hug. I guess Butch needed a hug and I needed to be there to give him one.

I was tempted to stay for several days to re-energize and take advantage of the site and the amenities but I was on a waiting list for the park in Golden, CO and when they called to let me know a site was available I opted for the road.

I heard about the park in Golden from Amy of  I met Amy and Rod when they stayed in Truth or Consequences, NM and knew that our routes would be similar.  Thanks again Amy for this beautiful gem of a park!

Amy Enjoying a Beer During First Friday in Golden, CO

Beyond That Fence is Clear Creek

Clear Creek
Kayaking Clear Creek
Tubing Clear Creek
Even Dogs Enjoy Clear Creek! 
The creek is freezing but the temps have been in the high 90s so I have seen a lot of action on the path across from me as people head further up stream with their assortment of tubes and kayaks and the intention of floating down stream.  I hear people screaming as the rapids douse them in the frigid water which makes for good entertainment :).

There is always a waiting list for this park and 14 days is the maximum stay.  I will stay my 14 days and then move to the higher elevation of Crested Butte and hopefully cooler weather.  Who'd thought it would be so hot in Golden, Colorado!?

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Whirl Wind

It has been a whirlwind lately and I can scarcely keep up with the days as they fly by.

My last day of work in Truth or Consequences was Thursday, May 30th and I left the next day and headed to Santa Fe for the night.  The winds blew me into Santa Fe Skies RV Park ( which was a very nice park but the winds made it impossible to do anything other than stay in my RV.  When I left the next morning I drove through the smoke from the Pecos fire which at that time was 0% contained.  The area was so beautiful and green after my many months on the desert and I wondered how much damage was being done to those trees as I sped through 20 miles of smoke.  It was a bit unsettling but as soon as I got through the smoke the roads opened up and it was a beautiful day to be driving and listening to my new love...Sirius radio.  How did I ever live without it????

Now That's An Open Road!

Not Often You Find a Tribute to Women
Next stop was Colorado and a two night stop at the Garden of the Gods RV Resort (  I wasn't that impressed with the park but my neighbors from Leaf Verde RV Park (which was just awarded the Arizona RV Park of the year award) are workamping there and I wanted to stop and visit.  Jean and I had a wonderful day together in Manitou Springs where we ate, drank and shopped.  Oh, and I just had to visit one of the medicinal marijuana dispensaries.  It is not as open and available as I thought it would be but come January 2014 there will be no problem walking in and sampling the many varieties.  They told me to come back in January:).

Manitou Springs, CO
Lunch at the Keg

Best Strawberry Margarita I Ever Sipped

Gotta Have Your Paperwork

This Cowboy Bell Woke Me Far Too Many Times!!!!  The RV Park Served Dinner and Pancake Breakfast on Sunday Morning.....Who Wants to Hear This Thing on a Sunday Morning at 8:00 AM?????

But the Bar-B-Que Was Delicious and Those Were True Southern Greenbeans
After two nights in Colorado I drove north and spent the night in Cheyenne, WY.  I got in just ahead of a storm that blew 50 mph winds and when I saw those nasty dark clouds rolling in I pulled in my slide.  I have learned my lesson and when I start to experience winds that strong I just roll in my slide and take no chances on another ripped awning.  Dang all this wind!

And now I am in Rapid City, SD with more wind!   Once again I got in just ahead of the strongest gusts but 22-25 mph winds seem to be my new normal.  I am in Rapid City because I have finally gotten around to changing residency and I now have a new address and as of tomorrow will have a South Dakota driver's license and will soon have new vehicle plates.  America's Mailbox ( makes it extremely easy to walk through the process and with only one night's stay, although I am staying two nights, you can become a resident and no longer pay tax on your personal income.  Sorry Oregon, I loved you, but your 9% tax was just too much. 

After South Dakota I have around a month to fill before joining the Kaypacha Festival ( so I will be heading back to Colorado to hang for awhile.  I love Colorado and am excited about a longer visit.
Pikes Peak Way In the Distance With Very Strange Cloud Above It
And now even though it is only 8:30 PM, I am exhausted and ready for bed.  The whirl and the wind have had their way with me.