The Aspect Of My Life

Friday, December 11, 2009

Tale of the traveling billfold

I forgot my billfold at the retreat center where I was staying during the Grandmother's sessions. Thus began an epic adventure.

To get to the retreat center, you first had to travel down a 10.8 mile road that was more of a railroad track than an actual dirt road. It took approximately 30-40 minutes to travel this 10.8 mile distance and I was so happy that I was staying on site and would not have to travel this road in and out each day. The day I drove into the retreat center Winnie shook, shaked, shimmed and threw things out of the cupboards right and left. By the time I reached the retreat center, it looked like I had been through a tornado!

After the last ceremony, I went to Winnie and quickly fell asleep at around 8:00PM, only to wake up again at around 11:00 PM. It was very clear to me that it was time to leave and I thought driving the road back out at night would help put me ahead of schedule for the next morning's drive and I could slowly drive out with no other cars or dust ahead of me. It felt like a really good plan.

The drive out was so beautiful. It was a glorious night and I had good tunes on the radio and all the time in the world. Just me, Winnie and nature. One of my best driving experiences.

I slept in a few parking lots until around 6:30 AM and then decided to get some gas and get on the road. When I went to get gas, I noticed I did not have my billfold with me. Not too happy! I thoroughly searched everywhere but it was not to be found. Nothing to do but drive back down that 10.8 mile road and see if it had been turned in or if it was somewhere.

So, back in I go, not nearly as mellow as the drive out, and checked the lost and found at the Earth Hall where the retreat had been, the dining hall which now had people eating breakfast, and the Welcome Center. Nope, not at any of those places. I did find my new purple wrap that I had worn every day during the sessions and had inadvertently left at the Earth Hall. That was a good thing:).

Nothing to do now but drive back to my mother's in Phoenix and deal with all those things that need to be dealt with when you lose your billfold. Ok, I have a plan and can deal with it. On the way down the mountain the weather is really starting to get windy, rainy and nasty and all I could think of was getting down the mountain before it got even worse. And the weather did get so much worse.

As I was turning onto the street where my mother lives, I got a call on my cell phone from Icasiana who managed the merchandise store where the Grandmother's sell various items from their countries and cultures. I had left my billfold there and for safekeeping, she had taken it with her to Sedona where the Grandmother's were having a one day workshop. Yeah! I know where my billfold is and certainly I can get it from Sedona. And thus began the epic journey.....

Icasiana found a woman who was going to take two people to the Phoenix airport the next day and she could bring the billfold down with her. This woman's name was Nancy and even though she called me Carol twice, my billfold was now in her hands.

I spoke to Nancy the next day and lo and behold, her plans had changed and she was now loaning her car to the two people taking the airplane and she was coming the next day to get her car back and would bring the billfold then. I told her this was not convenient for me since I needed to be on the road as soon as possible. So the new plan is she will pass my billfold off to Red Wolf, who will be driving Nancy's car to the airport.

So now Red Wolf has my billfold and is in Nancy's car on the way to the airport. The plan is to have Red Wolf leave the billfold under the passenger's seat, leave the car unlocked, let me know where he parked the car (Nancy will need this information as well so she can get her car back) and I will come to the airport parking lot, retrieve my billfold, lock the car, and leave Nancy's key in an easily accessible place.

After several phone calls back and forth to Red Wolf, he is now in on the plan. Unfortunately, Red Wolf locks the keys in the car along with my billfold. By now, I shouldn't even be surprised at the latest development.

Nancy has AAA which will unlock the car, but only if she is present to present her card and sign for it. (I had to do all the calling around since Nancy was still with the ceremonial fire tenders and way too looped out in the energy to deal with the mundane). I decide to just pay for a locksmith to meet me at the car and pop the lock. Thankfully, Red Wolf's instructions as to where he parked the car in the massive Phoenix airport, where spot on.

Now, how do I get to the airport???? The divine-ness in all this is that I had met a wonderful woman at the retreat by the name of Kat and she was coming into Phoenix for the night before her flight out the next day and she said she would happily come and pick me up and take me to the airport. She and I had an immediate connection when we met and it was such a pleasure to have that additional time together. I believe Spirit had a hand in making sure we had the opportunity to process more of our experience at the retreat and to align us for the next step along the journey. I feel very certain our paths have crossed for work we are to do together.

I also felt very protected. Had I been on the road as originally planned, I would have been caught in the storm somewhere along the road. As it was, I spent two extra nights in Phoenix which allowed time for the storm to pass and I could then travel behind the storm's path.

All of this would have been a bit challenging on a "normal" day. Now try dealing with all this after four intense days of ceremony! Talk about straddling worlds...not such an easy task. I was glad my mother could experience the unfolding of events because she wouldn't have believed it otherwise:).

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Van Horn, Texas

I am currently in Van Horn, Texas.

Still processing the powerful and intense energies of the Grandmother's retreat and will share when I am able. There are no words for some of the experiences, so other worldly.

I got down the mountain right in front of the storm that blasted the United States and stayed with my mother in Phoenix for an additional two nights. So happy to be tucked away in that safe womb while the angry wind howled and my entire body was on overwhelm and every cell pulsating. It was the most challenging "re-entry" I have ever experienced and wasn't sure if I would ever arrive back into normalcy.

My Dreamtime is filled with visions of the Grandmothers as we are all still connected within that matrix. So many prayers and rituals have altered my field., so much.....

Saturday, November 28, 2009


Eat sleep shop read eat sleep shop read eat sleep shop read eat sleep shop read eat sleep shop read eat sleep shop read.........

Whew! Getting close to disconnecting from the 3D grid once again and entering an entirely different reality. 3D is fine to visit, but I no longer choose to make it my permanent reality. Although, I have certainly enjoyed football:).

Next week I am off to a retreat center just outside of Sedona, Arizona where there will be no TV, cell phones, internet or even meat. Four days of prayer, sacred fire and a much broader and expansive consciousness field. I am a Traveler and now instead of traveling through the stars and galaxies, I am traveling through different consciousness bands within the same planet. It is feeling quite delightful:).

I also feel the cosmic waves as they bathe the planet. Today, in the early morning hours, I surfed a wave of pure bliss, the first of its kind I have felt. Oh, how I hope that this is the new energy that we have been waiting for and that it is here to stay.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

My great grandmother

I miss my Minnie and sleeping within her womb. I wake up in the middle of the night and still feel that is where I am and then it takes me awhile to realize I am sleeping inside, in a house. And I dream each night that I am on the road traveling. I am very conscious and aware that the physical body and energetic body are living in different realms. It is good to be elastic.

Yesterday my mother and I spent some time going through boxes of old photos searching for a picture of my great grandmother, Minnie Minerva Devinney. Minnie Minerva died when I was around five or six years old and I only have one clear vision of her. We finally found the only picture my mother has of her, and my vision and the picture do not match. Strange how I can see her so clearly with an inner vision that is not reflected in this one snapshot. In my inner vision she is alive, she leans down and talks to me. Her physical and energetic bodies straddling the vast dimensions.

Thank you great grandmother for being my Guide on this journey.

Sunday, November 15, 2009


Well, I have done it, I am in Phoenix, Arizona. Yahoo, yahoo, Yahoo!!!!!

Easy day's drive, some challenging wind coming across the desert but thankfully no blowing dust (plenty of signs warning me of this potential) and light traffic coming into Phoenix. I actually hit a point where I was feeling groovy. That is the only word that describes it most accurately. Groovy, in the groove.

So now I am resting at my mom's, getting fed well, enjoying this fast internet connection and the luxury of a hot bath and TV. Minnie is parked on the street, tucked in for the night. She has served me well, this steed of mine, and we are now taking a break for a few weeks until the next leg of the journey begins.

For those of you who are reading, I will post as often as there is something needing to be written.
But for now, I am Queen Susan, feeling pretty danged good:)!

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Welcome to Arizona!

I have made it all the way to Arizona, and am now just a few hours outside of Phoenix. What an amazing accomplishment, particularly since I have only owned Minnie a little over a month. Wow is all I can say:).

The ride today was good, and there was that brief period of time where the road was smooth and open, no cars ahead or behind, and there was good music on the radio and it was that bit of nirvana that is so fleeting while traveling. Everything comes together to create the perfect conditions.

Even though there may be more traffic on the interstate, I am looking forward to roads that don't rattle my bones and Minnie's bones. It is so much more noticeable driving a motorhome and I have driven on some very rutted and grooved pavements. I cannot play CDs while driving because they jump and skip and bounce. The great stereo system I thought I was getting must not have skip protection so it is radio only. But I have finally figured out how to search for radio stations while driving and I love the surprise of hitting upon a station that is playing some great music.

How long have I been on the road??? Feels like much longer than just a week.....

The Desert

I love this land. It feels as if layers and layers of my previous self continue to be shed. And I had forgotten the lucid dreams this land evokes. Dream time so much more powerful than day time.
I hope my travels bring me back to Needles.

Leaving at some point today for Quartzite, Arizona and only a two hour drive. Curious to be back on the road and my next destination. Thankful to have had yesterday where it was too much of an effort to even sit outside and spent most of the day lying in bed drifting in and out of various worlds. Such an initiation.

Friday, November 13, 2009


Ohhhhh, it feels good to not be traveling. I decided to spend an extra day in Needles and have been spending my time reading and dozing and chatting with the neighbors. The weather is sunny, blue skies, bit of a breeze, but you can tell this desert can get mighty hot. It feels so peaceful here I was tempted to stay for a week but wasn't sure how my food and water supply would last and also wonder if I would ever be able to leave as this land seems to hypnotize me. Not for the first time I have found myself comparing my travels to that of Odysseus, buffeted by the Winds and the Gods, not knowing when Sirens or Cyclops will show up. Feels good to have Odysseus as my travel companion:).

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Needles, California

I am beyond tired and into depleted. That was not the plan for today. I had thought to stop in Barstow, half way across the Mojave, but the RV I had programmed into my GPS was nowhere to be found. Then I thought I might stay at a Flying J, but when I backtracked to the J, that was not a place I wanted to stay for any extended time. So my next plan was to stay in Ludlow, and there was NOTHING. And there continued to be NOTHING. Nothing to do but continue on to Needles and then the RV park I had programmed in took me to a vacant spot. It was now near 4:00 PM, I had been on the road since 9:30 AM, and I was jittery from all the Red Bulls and ready to cry. Thankfully when I called the RV park they guided me in and now I am in Needles, California and arrived just in time to set up before dark and watch a spectacular sunset.

I may stay here for another night just to recoup from the two very long days on the road. The wifi seems to be good, at least it is a secure connection, and at this point I don't ask for much more. Oh, and there is no highway noise or trains! I only have a short day to Quartzsite, Arizona and then a short day to Phoenix. It will be good to stop traveling.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Highway 99

Yuk, I am no fan of Hwy 99 and I hope someone will remind me of this fact if I ever think to travel it again. Choppy pavement, trucks, trucks, trucks, traffic, towns and the potential for fog and wind.
But, I put in my longest day yet and have arrived in Bakersfield, California, not a town you want to spend too much time in. It is a very large truck stop.

Having said that, I am delighted to be in Bakersfield for the simple fact of having made it here. This has become a milestone for me. I am now near Arizona and tomorrow after crossing the Mojave Desert I will be within touching distance. Wow. I am amazed with myself.

And, I am also extremely fatigued and tired and the wifi is testing my patience so enough for now.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Lodi, California

Two and a half hour drive today. Drove through Sacramento traffic!!!!! Called in a Guide to clear the traffic for me and to actually take over the driving. Seems to have worked:).

I also finally entered that "traveling zone" you sometimes enter when traveling and the stress and worry seem to leave and you are in the zone, at one with the road. Felt really good.

And I like the park I am at, each park so different from the last one. This is the first one that is gravel instead of paved, and the weather is warmer and the birds are singing. There is a point when you are no longer leaving, and are in the flow of being, until you get to the next point of arriving. I am now in that point of being.

It also feels as if there was a break through this morning. If I am laying bricks of my new foundation, I want those bricks to be as well laid as possible, with no fears attached to them. My new mantra, "what are the bricks you are laying?".

Isn't there a song about "stuck in Lodi"? I like it here, even though I think it is next to an active railroad track:).

Destruction = Creation

My former life is in shambles. It is as if a bomb of unknown force has exploded and I am now left with rubble and ruin at my feet as I look out upon a scenery of destruction. I have known this, friends have reflected this to me, but in the early morning hours I have finally seen this inner landscape and now know it to be true. And now I understand this feeling of overwhelm. It is the overwhelm of the rebuilding. And the drive, guts and determination that it will take to create a new world. It is hard work. And every day is like a new brick I lay in the foundation of this new world. And if I get too far ahead of myself this work looks do you rebuild an entire world?

Why, by being the Creator herself.

Monday, November 9, 2009

Kindness of Strangers

Tonight I am in Chico, California, slowly making my way through the state.

Yesterday had its challenges and I needed to be "talked off the ledge" before I even left the casino/resort. The thought of filling up with gas, propane and checking my tires felt so overwhelming. Where do these fears come from???? My inner child was in full force and it took some help from my friend Wren to ease her out and call in some masculine inner guidance.

Drove Minnie less than one mile to the gigantic casino truck stop where the first stage was to fill up with gas. Since I was still in Oregon, didn't need to fill it myself and got instructions for the next stop, which was to fill up my propane tank. Drove around the lot to the next stage which was for propane. Proudly backed up Winnie and turned her around so the propane tank was properly positioned. Yea! Had to use the phone to call someone to come fill the tank, felt like I waited a long time so called again, and finally an older gentleman came trudging across the lot to fill the tank. Turns out he was the manager of the truck stop and since they were short handed, he was helping with the service. Don't know what his age was, maybe in his 60s, but you could tell his life had not been easy. Blood shot eyes, bad knees from old football injuries, getting by the best he could with the life he was living. He filled my tank, another long trek back to run my card, and then another slow walk back to return my card. As I said, this truck stop was enormous!, and he was not moving quickly:).

Next stop was to check the air in my tires so he directed me to the next area I needed to drive to and said if no one was there to help, to use the phone to call for assistance. Felt like the tire service was out in the middle of nowhere, and there was no one even remotely near to ask for any help. Well, maybe I can do this myself! Because the stems on the front tires were completely inaccessible, you have to pop off the hubcaps to get to them. I popped the front hubcap, checked the air, looked good, but could not get the hubcap back on, hurt my hand, got my hands dirty, wah, wah, wah. Okay, I give, I called for help. And who should I see walking from a far way away, but the manager. Must have been his lucky day:).

This wonderful man spent another 30-45 minutes, down on his re-assembled knees, checking the tire air pressure, filling the tires with air and even getting longer stems to put on all the tires to make it easier in the future. And, he didn't charge me a dime. Such kindness from a complete stranger who went out of his way to make my world a little easier on a day that had begun with me doubting the divinity that would show up. I wanted to hug him when it was all over, but wasn't sure if that was quite appropriate. So I showered as much love and light as I could through me, to him, and it felt good and perfect.

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Seven Feather's Casino/Resort

Heaven.....and Hell

Started out on the road today. Finally relinquished my car yesterday and once again said good-bye to Sam, so it was a very emotional day and one of many ups and downs. Problems needed to be resolved, the front tires on Minnie have these very recessed valves which means I need to use a screw driver and take off the hub caps to access them, how am I ever going to do all this??????

Good to finally just go, and trust that all will be well. The weather cooperated and even though the forecast was for rain and wind, the sun was shining when I left and the wind was a minor factor. I traveled slowly, kept in the right lane and was only on the road for less than two hours. I had packed tightly enough so nothing rattled, seem to have at least figured that much out, and white knuckled my way to Canyonville, Oregon. Well, maybe, more correctly, death gripped my way here. Had the opportunity to do some hills, adjust for some winds and feel a bit more comfortable driving Minnie. Glad I didn't try to travel any further on this first travel day.

While staying at Deerwood Park in Eugene I had heard several people talk about the Seven Feathers Casino in Canyonville and what a nice park it was so it looked to be a good place to stop for the first night. It is a wonderful park, nicely paved level sites nestled within a mountainous bowl. The sun was shining when I arrived, the desk clerks most helpful, and you even get an escort to your designated space. I splurged and paid an extra $3.00 for a pull through so I wouldn't have to back in. Really, really wonderful. I also took advantage of the pool, hot tub and shower facilities.

That was the heaven part. Now the hell part was the casino! I took the shuttle to the casino and as soon as I entered I was blasted by plumes of smoke from all the smokers in the casino. Seems you can smoke in these facilities! Even in the sports bar restaurant! Whodda thought? They do have a non-smoking casino area but to reach it you have to go through the entire smoke filled casino, and then exit through the smoke again when you leave. Yuk, yuk, yuk. I stayed just long enough to watch how miserably the Oregon Ducks were playing, get a Players Card which gets me an additional 10% off my nightly rate and $.03 off per gallon of gas if you use their gas station, and spend $2.00 gambling. I have no interest in gambling, have no idea what the thrill is, and haven't a clue how to even play the machines. Wow, what a difference between the RV park and its beautiful surroundings and the inner inferno of the casino. New and old energies so clearly defined. But I would stay here again, maybe even for a few days. I just wouldn't go to the casino again. Message received.

Off to Mt. Shasta tomorrow and up and over some big mountain passes. Going to check on the weather before I leave to make sure the road is dry and the snow levels are above 4500 feet. Should only take me a couple hours to get there and then will stay with my friend Wren who is feeding me salmon for dinner. That should be enough incentive to get me over those passes:).

Thursday, November 5, 2009


I have a fear of heights. Particularly a fear of being on ladders, with skinny steps. All that open air between steps just waiting to suck me into an abyss. I can do a step or two, but then the fear takes over. This fear has been with me for awhile.

Yesterday was a sunny Fall day in Eugene. As I was walking the loop around the RV park, I noticed a man on top of his RV sweeping the debris of fallen leaves from his RV. I thought to myself, "wish I could do that" as Minnie Minerva has been inundated with leaves from the tree that was so welcoming when I first moved in. Sodden leaves cover her top.

Minnie has a built-in ladder at the back which I have tried to climb on two occasions. Both times, two steps were my limit. The fear was too great and I had resigned myself to the fact that it was never going to happen. Plenty of people have never climbed onto the top of their RVs. I couldn't even buy a 6' ladder because I knew I would never be able to scale the top of that ladder. Just too high. Wind and rain would have to take care of keeping Minnie's top clean.

By the time I had made a few loops around the park, I watched another neighbor skimmy to the top of his RV and I watched him sweeping leaves. He had made it look so easy! Maybe I could do it as well. And so, for the first time I can remember, I climbed a ladder with no fear. The fear was just no longer there. But I remembered where that initial fear had come from, from a time when I was so young I have no conscious remembrance of it, and have only heard the story.

My father was up on the roof of our house and as a toddler I had climbed the ladder to follow him, my blond curly head showing up right behind him. His shock and fear were directly transmitted to my subconscious where they remained until yesterday. As I was climbing the ladder I remembered the story of following my father so I knew at one point in my life, there had been no fear of heights. This was not a fear that had come in from a previous life, but one that was a direct result from this lifetime. And now I could connect the fear and its origin.

There was still a bit of anxiety as I realized the roof was slipperier than I had anticipated and I did not have the proper shoes, I had no idea I would be up on the roof!, and then there was the question of how to get back down, but this was more problem solving and being cautious than having to work through any fears. The fear was gone. I still cannot believe how quickly it was just no longer there.

So, another example of walking through our fears has shown up for me. Our minds can build them up into such monsters that we can become powerless and become frozen in our path. I am going to try to remember this as I leap off into the great unknown and put to rest as many fears as possible, because some days there are so very many.

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Samhain, Full Moon, Galactic 6th Night, 11/11/11

The veils are so thin now. Intense, powerful energies are bathing the Planet. Can you feel it???

As Bette Davis would say, "Fasten your seat belts. It's going to be a bumpy ride":).

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Stranger in a strange land

I feel like I am such a stranger in a strange land.

Yesterday I purchased a ladder for the first time in my life. And I purchased duct tape and a hose nozzle. Today I visited an RV supplier. It feels such an alien world, like an electrician or mechanic learning to read tarot. And what strange language I am learning, and strange people I am meeting. Odd and exciting at the same time.

And I am straddling the worlds and dimensions, one day in the field of cranial touch and the Void, floating weightless, holding space while another is on the table visiting her home planet. Other days being in the Akashic records with Souls who are being quantumly affected. And the next day learning this new language of PVC pipes, and clamps and sewage hose doughnuts. The new and the old energy fields flowing seamlessly together. I feel so blessed to be a part of this process. The Divine Being within the human body. In this world, but not of it. Knowing and feeling the vastness of the changes that are present.

What a world...strangely perfect.

Saturday, October 24, 2009

My power-less awning

It's true what they say, there is a steep learning curve when it comes to RV life and learning, and I have heard it takes around two years.

I came back from my Maiden Voyage feeling very confident after having learned so much more than I knew when I headed out on Wednesday, October 21, 2009. I had a wonderful time driving the twisty, turning roads out to Lorane, enjoyed driving through downtown Cottage Grove, and thoroughly impressed myself by backing into my parking space on Amy and Jason's land. I was fed organic food from the greenhouse and feted like I was a guest from a foreign country, which I guess in some aspects, I was. Jason was an amazingly patient teacher and we went through every outside storage bin and discussed all the many questions that have been plaguing me until I felt I had this all under control. That was, until today.

Today is Saturday, just two days after returning with all my new found knowledge. And today, I am feeling totally lost again. And out of my league, and inept and overwhelmed. All because of the power awning that I have been bragging about to everyone, the one that was one of the "best" features of Minnie Winnie and the one I was most pleased with. Funny how all that can turn around in one day.

Yesterday it poured and poured and poured rain in Eugene. I spent the day "in-town" at the pool and doing laundry and dodging in and out of rain deluges. I didn't pay much attention to my awning that I had left out all day, other than to be thankful it was protecting me from the rain as I brought the laundry in from the car and was glad it was keeping me dry when I sat outside. When I gave it some further attention this morning, it was sagging from the accumulation of rain and leaves from the previous day. I poked the awning with a broom and buckets of water and leaves came gushing down. And now, my awning no longer has any power

My neighbor, the one who fed me brownies, helped me hose off the inch thick pile of sodden leaves on the awning but it still has no power. He helped me manually roll it up and next week's chore is finding someone who can service the power awning that now has no power. And now I have no awning. And now the world does not feel as safe as it did just two days ago.

So, I am still in the learning process, making mistakes and learning something new each day. I need to purchase a ladder and a nozzle for my water hose so I can be a bit more self sufficient next time around. I hope someday I can repay the kindness, generosity and patience all these many people have shown me as I stumble my way through this alien world. I hope someday I am the knowledgeable one and some novice somewhere needs my help and advice and I will remember these days and know how far I have come.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Maiden Voyage

Tomorrow I am going for my first official road trip. Out to Lorane, Oregon to spend a night with some wonderful people who have offered to host me for an evening and share their experiences of RV life. Not sure they know what they are in for:)!

So I have reorganized the entire inside, packed, protected, swaddled, adjusted, fine tuned....everything I can think of so that nothing will rattle when I start down the road. One of the obstacles of traveling solo is I can't send someone to search out any annoying rattles. But, good news is that noises rarely are so bothersome I can't tune them out. Also, I have this bitchin' high tech CD system and speakers so that should come in handy.

Looking forward to tomorrow and what the day brings.

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Alternate Realities

Susan was the name of the puppy's owner. She was traveling with her husband of 22 years, and three Golden Retrievers. My guess is she was in her early 50s. I was drawn not only to her puppy, but to her light and her smile.

When we shared conversation, she told me she had been a nurse but was now interested in hypnosis and tapping into the subconscious. She was just beginning her spiritual opening and while we stood talking, she began tapping her third eye in hopes of awakening into her potential. She lives within a reality where sharing such things is not welcome and although she has friends, there is no support or willingness to encourage her along this path. She and her husband were in Oregon exploring the possibilities of moving here and after spending time in Eugene, she felt particularly drawn to this town.

I did not recognize the similarities of our stories until this morning, floating in that layer of consciousness between sleep and wakefulness. My name is Susan. I have just left a marriage of 22 years. During most of that marriage we had Golden Retrievers. My husband and I also came to Oregon and explored the possibilities of moving here and ended up in Eugene. And my spiritual path took wings and exploded soon after the relocation. And I have tapped into the subconscious, the Akashic records.

I can't help but wonder if this alternate Susan is not a piece of me, a few years back, and we have met up in this particular timeline to share our past and future Beings with one another.

I am excited for all that lies before her.

Saturday, October 17, 2009

RV Life

The thing about RV life is, people leave.....

My puppy has gone, spurred on by the rains that came, and I am missing the feel of that silky fur and puppy joy. Makes me wonder if I wouldn't enjoy having a furry traveling companion, but then what kind of life is it to be confined to small quarters or walking on a lease? And the thought of pee or poop in the RV, just about cancels any thoughts of house training. So....will just see what comes along.

The rains came with gusto, I think it was at least a 1/4 of an inch that first night, and I have realized how much more in tune I am with nature. Sitting in an RV watching the rain, and listening to the rain, feels so much more exposed than sitting within a house. There are more textures and layers to the rain, the sounds are different, and louder. The first night I did not sleep well, wondering if there would be any leaks, and adjusting to the new audibles. The heavy rains sound like hail, and the lighter rains are so soft and caressing. When I look out the window, I am still surprised to see there is actually less rain falling than it feels like inside this new home. Best news, not a drop of rain has leaked inside.

Spent several hours adjusting, and re-adjusting my route down to Phoenix. Don't want to drive too many miles any given day, but must be able to end up at an RV park. And, I want to avoid the large interstates whenever possible. So there has been a lot of fine tuning and even that may yet need to be fine tuned again:)! I think when the time comes, in two weeks, I will be ready to leave. Or, if not, I will just flow with that as well.

On clear nights I can step outside and view the stars, looking for signs, asking for visions from my Star brothers and sisters. It feels wonderful to be in a place where this is so possible. The sky here does not compare to the sky at Mt. Adams which makes me realize and appreciate even more the magic of Mt. Adams.

I am now dreaming in a larger collective field and my dreams feel very off, further away, more fearful. I have had to become very conscious to energetic boundaries and yesterday smudged, salted, cleansed and smashed to establish new boundaries that were not originally established. Had some dark energies enter my field the other night which needed to be taken care of and a wonderful wake up call to keep my space clean, clean, clean. This will be of absolute importance as I move down the road and I am thankful to get the message this early into the journey.

And so it goes......
Just checking to see how all this works. My first post!

Monday, October 12, 2009


The rains are coming and life has settled into a certain peacefulness. The TV is gone which has freed up much needed space and it now feels much more open and less burdened within my small quarters. The bedding situation has been resolved and my bed now feels like a wonderful womb instead of a morning hassle. Finding it hard to leave my new space to do any daily errands. As the dust settles, I have had a fleeting moment of a sense of being free. Hope there are more of these moments to be strung together.

I have a wonderful younger man (early 40s???) who is my neighbor and has been separated from his wife for four months. How coincidental we would find ourselves neighbors for this next month. I am in awe of how accepting he is of his "doing nothing" in this interim period as he waits for his next chapter to unfold. He has helped me learn a few tricks and he makes me laugh, which is so welcome at this juncture. This afternoon we flushed out our sewage hoses. I have never had so much conversation regarding sewage and feces!! Not just from this afternoon, but the entire week I have been here. It is such a bizarre reality I am inhabiting:). My neighbor loves to cook, and brought me a big ole piece of brownie after we flushed our hoses. Feces and brownies???!!!! Gotta laugh:).

I spent some time with an older couple from Arizona figuring out a route to take to Phoenix next month. It all feels like it is coming together as I start to vision the next chapter. My friend Pamela was over earlier in the day and "made like a car" so I could test out my side mirrors and see where the blind side is so I can more accurately calculate where the cars are on my left side. That feels much better now. Thank you Pamela!

I also have a puppy that I am in love with. It is a 6 month old Golden Retriever that walks by my space each day and stops to be loved and petted. Such soft fur and white teeth and exuberance! His owner's name is Susan and we also have a special connection.

These are the precious moments of my new life.

Friday, October 9, 2009

RV Life

Whew, what a journey!

I picked up the RV on Saturday, October 3rd, stuffed her full to be able to completely move out of the house by Monday, October 5th, and finished just in time to have a major meltdown. Leaving the house and all the memories was quite painful, and the fear of what I was undertaking became overwhelming. All the strength, clarity and resolve I previously had left in one fell swoop. I was quite the mess. Thankfully, dear friend Carolyn called at the perfect moment and assured me it was a natural process, and not a sign of weakness.

Sam piggy-backed cars with me (oh my gosh, how glad am I to have the car right now!!!???) and so I checked into the RV park with the car first and emotional turmoil written all over my face. A wonderful woman by the name of Marianne (Mother Mary in disguise) checked me in and told me to honk when I came back with the RV and she would help me set everything up. Thank you Spirit for sending me the exact women at the exact time.

So, Marianne helped me set up water, electric and sewage and answered all my initial questions. Another kind man helped me figure out the water heater (he asked me "how are you" and I responded "I need HELP!" so what else could he do:)?). Everything magically worked - still feels magical that I can have electricity, wifi, hot water, a flushing toilet, microwave, fridge all in the comforts of a vehicle I can drive. How does this all work???

Spent Monday and Tuesday night in a pull-through trying to re-organize and situate myself. Out went the glasses - acrylic only - and a trip to Wal-Mart and Camp World helped me get a bit more organized. I am still in the process of what stays and what goes into my 5'x5' storage unit. Should have it all figured out by the time I hit the road sometime in November.

Wednesday was moving day, moving into a permanent spot for a month's stay. It was now up to me to un-do everything, back into my spot, and reconnect everything. On my own. Luckily, I was feeling confident, took it slowly, asked a neighbor a few questions while disconnecting (grey water and black water valves are opened, when do I close them back???) and drove around the circle to my new spot. The previous evening Marianne had walked me through the disconnect and we had walked to my new spot so I could visualize how backing in would look and she gave me some valuable pointers. Slow but steady, ask for a spotter if needed, keep to the inside of the road, line up with this spot.....

And I did it!!! Not only that, but it wasn't that difficult and I only had to make some minor adjustments to straighten out and get it perfectly aligned. I was so pleased with myself::))). Minnie really does handle beautifully. Fabulous power steering. My concern at the moment is the HUGE blindspot these RVs have and not being able to turn my head and look behind me. Mirrors only. That is for another day....

I am now all hooked up again, using an electric heater to save on propane (learning lots of ways to save on propane, everyone has been offering valuable information) and continuing to adjust to the needs and comforts of RV life. Gotta get some different bedding! And the beautiful flatscreen TV must go to storage, just no room and not a necessity. And, have kinks in my sewage hose which will need to be addressed much to learn. Good thing I am a fast learner and I have a thick manual to start studying.

I am set up for the month at space #37 at Deerwood Park
so if you would like to come for a visit, just give me a call on my cell phone to make sure I am home and we can sit outside and enjoy the peace and quiet. Would love to see you all.