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Saturday, May 29, 2010

And the Winner Is....

I am a great salesperson.  I did not know this about myself until I started working in retail and would end up making amazing sales and lots of money for the owners of the stores I worked for.  The owners loved me and things were never quite the same after I left.

Today the manager set the bait that whoever booked the third Yurt for the weekend, or next two days, would receive dinner on him.  Within a half hour I very innocently booked that Yurt and became the hero of the hour.  It was almost embarrassing.  The manager was thrilled, made a big deal of the whole thing, and I ended up with a $25 gift certificate to the local Mexican restaurant.  As a good will gesture my plan is to buy food for all the people who have worked so hard in taking and making reservations since it really is a team effort. 

All I have to do now is find that misplaced gift certificate...

Top Ten Campgrounds in Oregon

Hot off the press, Mt. Hood Village is number 5 on the top ten list.

The manager of this resort is the best boss I have ever experienced.  He listens to you, actually hears you, and does whatever it takes to make it right.  Yesterday he bought pizza for the employees, handled a multitude of problems (cabin with a leak - no place to move them;  maintenance issues, rain issues, etc. etc. etc.) and has a sharp mind that remembers a vast array of issues until they are solved.  He remained relatively calm and didn't use other workers as his dumping ground.  I have not heard one bad word against him.

More on the other cast of characters later......

Hi Ho, Hi Ho....'s off to work I go.

Another 8 hour shift today and then I am off until Thursday.  Whew!  Working an 8 hour shift is tiring, but I actually enjoyed myself yesterday.  I didn't allow myself to stress over phones ringing and a line of people wanting to check in or buy supplies from the store.  I think I may have even had one of the easier jobs.  Until later in the evening, everyone checked in at the outside booth and it was raining and cold.  Gotta love everyone who chose to come out in this weather, particularly those that are tenting.  We all thought today there would be sun, but nope, not yet!  Maybe tomorrow...

Thursday, May 27, 2010


Worked four hours today and I am feeling much more comfortable with the whole process.  I checked in 5 people, took a phone reservation, did a site change and several store purchases.  Once I have done this a few more times, I might actually enjoy this workamping position:).  Of course, tomorrow is the real challenge, but I think it is going to be okay.

The real bonus was that a fellow workamper, Chelle (pronounced Shelley), has adopted me and invited me for dinner after my shift ended.  I love these Jewish and Italian women that continue to nurture and feed me:).

I am tired this evening and have two 8 hour shifts in the next two days.  Although it is raining now, the early part of the day was rain free and it looks to be good for the week-end.

Time to go to bed......

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

My Mom

Tomorrow is my mom's 83rd birthday.  That's her on the left, the shorter one, and my 71 year old aunt is on the right.  Whenever people tell me I don't look my age, it is because of these fabulous genes on my maternal side.

My mom has always been petite, a good weight for her is 100 pounds, and there is some disagreement as to her actual height, is she really 5 feet tall or 4'11"??  Until just recently she has been physically fit, active and healthy, literally walking circles around people 20 to 30 years younger.  Other than a cold or two, I don't remember a time when she was ever ill.  She is little but mighty, as my brother would say, an Energizer Bunny.

On my maternal side is the Epps clan and on my paternal side is the Miller clan.  The Epps clan are the ones with the sparkling blue eyes, always laughing, telling some ribald tale, pulling quarters out of your ears and enjoying life to the fullest.  Even with life's challenges, there is laughter and a joke to be told.  You just love to be around them.  From my mom's side I have received the blue eyes, the curly hair, the quick wit and the gift of gab.  Also, some really good skin:).

I believe my mom is from the Fey World, the world of the Fairies.  Her middle name is Mae and she carries a twinkle and lightness of being evocative of the month of May when the flowers are in bloom and the Fairies are most visible to the human world.  She will sometimes have this faraway look in her eyes, almost a look of enchantment, and I wonder what world she is off visiting.  She has never shared where it is she goes, if she longs to return to that world, if there is the faintest of yearnings.

I celebrate my mother today, tomorrow, and hopefully many days to come.  I want to share more laughter with her, enjoy the sparkle in her eyes, receive her love and bask in her lightness.  Happy Birthday, Darlin' Mae.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010


My first sense of this job was that they were extremely understaffed.  If you have worked enough places, you know all the signs.  Employees are disgruntled and stress prevails in the workplace.  When the manager is stressed there is a trickle down effect which effects every employee.  That is the situation I am in.

In an already understaffed work environment, it seems as if we are about to lose one of the more experienced workers.  Just so happens, she is the one I have been assigned to work with during my shifts.  It is all still "hush, hush", but you cannot keep secrets among employees.  I do not know how all this will affect the coming weekend, whose backs will break under the pressure, will other people quit, will even I want to say "forget this!". 

Time will tell, but I am certainly learning a lot from this, my first workamping postion:).

Monday, May 24, 2010

Spirit Talking

Another one of those days that feels so packed I can hardly believe it has only been 24 hours.  I wonder if other people are experiencing this same fullness.

Because I knew today would be one of the rare days this week with no rain or showers, on my agenda was a walk to the nearest grocery store and then laundry.  I knew the store was almost 2 miles each way, and the reality was this was a long walk!  And, of course, I overstuffed my backpack so was not looking forward to the return walk.  Thankfully, and with much appreciation, I saw someone at the shopping center who works at Mt. Hood Village and was able to get a ride back.  Spirit talking in a good way.

Did my laundry and spent some time in the office chatting with other workampers.  We are all trying to gear up for the coming weekend and it is nice to know we are there to support one another. We'll see how all this goes.

Because it was still nice this evening it was perfect for a fire even though some of the wood was still damp.  Everett helped with the fire and then we started a two hour conversation.  It was one of those conversations I am all too familiar with; the talk of survival, facts, the type of conversation where there is no real sharing but someone trying to convert me to their way of thinking and the logic of their particular truth, thinking and belief.  It is so exhausting when someone is pounding you over the head in an attempt to make you see the err of your beliefs.  The more I affirm that we all have our own Truths and Beliefs, the more agitated Everett becomes until I finally have to say I am done with the conversation.  Hopefully that is the last of our "spiritual" conversations.

Saturday, May 22, 2010


This morning I worked my final four hours for the week.  It has been a real challenge waking to an alarm each morning and am really thankful my regular schedule never starts earlier than 1:30 PM.

It has been raining, raining, raining for several days now and this morning there was visible snow higher up in the trees.  I came home and slept for several hours just to recoup from the work week and the stress of the last several days.  It felt so good to have no agenda and to drift in and out of Dreamtime and feel my energy body being realigned and "worked on".  I am thankful for my dear friends who have held me within their heart space during these last few days.

Neighbor Tony moved out several days ago and I now have new neighbors in his spot that will be here until the end of September.  Haven't met them yet, but I love that I chose a particularly large site, 53'x18', so I still feel a sense of privacy.  I am looking forward to a time when the sun and some warmth return.

Tonight I plan to watch hulu and netflix and being gentle with myself.  In these intense times, it has not been so easy maintaining any balance and I welcome this opportunity of relative peace.

Friday, May 21, 2010

I'm Just a Workamper

My new phrase is "I'm just a workamper". 

It  probably would have been better to start my workamping  experience in a smaller facility, but since it is what it is, come Memorial weekend when almost 200 people will be checking in, I hope to be using this phrase quite often.  Today I split my work schedule into two different segments, 8:00 AM-12:00 PM and 6:30 PM-10:30 PM so tomorrow I only have to work 4 hours to make my 20 hour week.  Next week I  start my regular schedule but at this point do not feel confident that I have learned everything I will need to know come the onslaught of the season beginning in full swing.

I just need to remember, "I am just a workamper" and in four months' time, I will be moving on down the road.

Thursday, May 20, 2010


I  am exhausted from my first day of work.  Some of it because of the stress of learning a new job, which is turning out to be extremely high paced and stressful, and some of it because of yesterday which felt like a month's worth of days packed into 24 hours.

The beautiful moments have been making new friends which fed me, always the best!, and knowing I am not alone in this seeming wilderness I travel.   Knowing I have the support of many dear friends who I have called upon in the challenges of the past few days and my family who has become so dear to me.

The details of yesterday's drama have begun to fade with the world of today.  I am being called upon to once again tap into a strength I do not know exists until I am forced to face these many challenges.

I am doing the best I can in these circumstances I never thought would occur in my life.  Most of the time I feel beyond my depth, thrown into a raging sea where the only life preserver is myself.  How do I save myself and my son?  What new drama will present itself tomorrow, will tomorrow be the day we will deal with the death of a former spouse and a father?

I am exhausted and hope I will have the reserves for whatever tomorrow brings.

Monday, May 17, 2010

Salmon River

Where I find my solace.

Motorcycle Momma

Thunder came through last night.  I loved how it felt as if it were breaking up big chunks of energy, releasing it into the heavens.

On Saturday I went for a long motorcycle ride and I am trying to remember this joy that is on my face.

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Black Hole

A black hole is threatening to swallow me.  I know it is not mine, but it is swirling around me like a dark tornado, trying to pull me down into its depths.  I want it to leave and never come back.

I received a call from a friend of my ex-husband.  She is concerned that he has been drinking for 48 hours, knows he has recently been ill and is concerned about his nutrition.  She is also concerned that he may be contemplating suicide.  She does not know that he is an alcoholic, that he has been slowly killing himself for years, and has already been in such a dark place that he had a gun to his head.  He gave her my phone number, as well as Ben's, as these are the only people he has in his life.  She is stunned when I reaffirm that yes, we are the only people in his world.  That is one of the consequences of his alcoholism.

I don't know what to do, how can I be sucked back into this dark hole when it has taken all my courage to extract myself.  I can't save him, and it is the hardest thing I have had to bear in my life.

Friday, May 14, 2010

Work Begins

Work didn't actually begin, but I did get paid for an hour's work today while riding around checking out the grounds.  This place is massive, over 100 acres, and at the end of the hour my head was reeling from all the RV sites, camp sites, yurts and various cabins.  My first scheduled day of work is Thursday and thankfully it is just  as an observer.  Come Memorial weekend the place will be packed so hopefully I will have a better understanding of my job by then.

In the meantime I did some laundry which is a bit of a walk so I have to keep my loads small enough to carry back and forth.  I also started to familiarize myself with the multiple nature trails that surround the property.  Mt. Hood Village abuts the Wildwood Recreation Site which is an added benefit and should keep me happily hiking throughout the summer.

Here are some picture from today's walk:

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Good Ole Boys

Ok, so I have these two male neighbors, Tony and Everett.  Tony is an odd mix of Southern redneck and Cherokee man.  The redneck part is the beer drinking, good ole boy from Oklahoma and the Cherokee part is the fabulous deer skulls he has placed in the tree trunks in his space and talk of the peace pipes he makes.  His conversations ramble on and on and just when I have had enough, some pearl of wisdom will slide through.  As I said, it is an odd mixture.

Everett half scares me and half fascinates me.  I have just begun to tap into his multiple layers.  Within the first five minutes of meeting him he was speaking words  I cannot possibly post on this blog, and yet I trusted him enough to go with him on a motorcycle ride.  We rode up to Timberline Lodge and it was all just this fabulous, amazing experience.  We rode up to an elevation of 6,000 feet which meant there was still snow on the ground, glad for the leather jacket and gloves, and Mt. Hood has enough snow to be open for skiing throughout the summer.  The Lodge itself is beyond description, with intricately carved wood throughout and this amazing beauty and spirit.  Everett is an avid skier and knows Mt. Hood intimately so I do not question that our meeting has been a part of my initiation to the energy of Mt. Hood.  Everett is also an artist, an outdoorsman and full of insights.  This is a picture of him,

He used that axe to split firewood for me and this is a picture of his tomato greenhouse

It feels like a month's time has gone into this one day.

Mt. Hood

This is just a glimpse of Mt. Hood as I was driving down the highway.  My first attempt at trying to take a picture while driving:).

New Home and neighborhood. 

It is a bit overwhelming at the moment.  Such a difference from the quiet, sweet energy of Deerwood RV Park and my wonderful neighbor Maria.  I am now fully ensconced in male energy, Tony to my right, Everett across from me.  More on all of that later.

I will be working at the front desk and my schedule is Thursdays from 3-7 PM, and Friday and Saturday from 1:30-9:30 PM.

A lot to take in right now......

Tuesday, May 11, 2010


This is what it feels like for me when I do readings/divinations:

I sit in a dark theater, a heavy curtain draping a large movie screen.  There is moment of trepidation as my ego tries to hang on and there are doubts as to whether the "cinema" will come in clearly, if there will be problems with the movie reel or if the curtain will part.

As I settle in, the movie slowly starts to come alive.  I gaze upon the symbols, this language of the Spirit, and the movie moves from black and white to technicolor.  The challenge then becomes the translation, while watching the movie at the same time.  It is the same type of challenge one would encounter if watching a foreign film, trying to translate to the person in the theater next to you, and continuing to watch the film and not loose your place within the movie.  Only what I am watching moves at warp speed and with much more fluidity.  Sometimes words or visions completely evaporate before I can get to them.  I sometimes find myself interrupting people because I know if I do not speak of what I see, the image may quickly disappear.  My day to day life is like that as well.  While having a "normal" conversation, I may get a visual that wants to be relayed to whoever I am in conversation with and I try to get it out as quickly as possible before it is gone.  Then I can resume talk about the weather:).

I have met a few people in my life where words are not necessary.  Those are the times I love the best.  I don't have to slow myself down for translation and can move out of the slow mode of language.  It feels like moving from a dial-up connection to high speed.  As technology has gotten faster and faster, I am hopeful our brains will no longer be able to keep up and we will revert to the language of the heart, where no words are necessary.

Monday, May 10, 2010


Jan after a reading.  How can you not love someone who exudes so much Joy.

Thank you Jan for the honor of being your reflector.

Saturday, May 8, 2010


The last few days have been so activity filled I haven't had much time to blog.  It always seems to be that way when I am preparing to move on, gathering the last goodies in my going away basket.

Thursday Maria and I took a road trip out to Lorane, OR to look at a house she was interested in purchasing.  It was also an opportunity for me to stop in for a brief visit with Amy, Jason and Jayvyn.  They hosted me on my maiden voyage with Minnie and I love visiting with them, their greenhouse and their land.  I had emailed Amy earlier to ask if Thursday was a good day to visit and even though I never got a response from her, I decided to show up anyway.  As she was calling me to say she was just too busy on Thursday, I appeared at her front gate.  Love how that works:), and loved being able to share time with such wonderful people.

Since we were out in the area, Maria and I did some wine tasting and had a fabulous meal at King's Estate  Winery  It was an absolutely Top 10 day.

Friday was another full day which included stopping by the University of Oregon Street Fair, washing Minnie and meeting my son for dinner.  The weather has been spectacular for all outdoor events and I have been taking advantage of such perfection.

I had hoped to make it to the Saturday Market on Saturday, but I was inundated with phone calls and never made it out of the park.  I seem to have been on quite a few radar screens and received calls from Portland, OR, Shasta, CA, Baton Rouge, LA, Huntington, AL and Eugene.  Lots of stuff going on with lots of people.

Maria's husband is in town and the three of us went to watch their son run in a track meet at the University of Oregon.  It was my first track meet and I was in awe of the beauty of bodies in such physical perfection.  At one point my father had visions of me becoming another Wilma Rudolph so I played the game of "this is what it would have looked like".  Glad that isn't the direction my life took.

Looks like the next several days will continue to be very busy as I prepare for Thursday's departure.  At this point, I am going to need a vacation from this vacation.

Friday, May 7, 2010

Weird, weird, weird

 Weird:  definition, "supernatural influences"

A short while back I posted a blog about a Saturday market artist and the necklace which had such a magnetic pull on my energy field that I had to go back the next week and buy it.  Next thing I know, I had a comment from Taryn, of that very same booth, on my blog site and a new public follower.  How did this happen???  They did not know my name, let alone that I am a blogger, or how to find that particular blog site, which in any event, has nothing to do with my name.  It was all so mysterious and weird.

Maria is just as puzzled as I am as to how this occurred.  But, she somehow stumbles upon a link to the Saturday Market and sends me this:  Part of the mystery is solved.

I am not going to search for any further answers as to how the original person found my blog.  As he/she wrote, it was "a moment in the Mystic realm".

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Taming the Beast

I finally got a hair cut.  My hair had gotten so long it was starting to overwhelm me.  I haven't had a haircut in 3 months, which is a very long time when you have hair like mine.  I am now probably good for another four months.

My hair is naturally curly, wiry and wild.  A bit like me:).  Until I was 50 I was constantly trying to tame it.  I tried many different haircuts and would only occasionally get one I could manage.  But, mostly, my hair ran the show and so I learned how to use ball caps , hats and scarves to keep it hidden and under control.

I have also had varying shades of color applied to my hair thinking maybe this would camouflage my unruly hair.  My first experiment was putting in a peroxide streak which turned out to be a wider swath than intended and had me hiding in curlers and a hairnet so that my father would not notice.  The curlers eventually came out and the family lived with my new hair until we all got used to it.  In high school I had my hair frosted as a treat to help ease the depression of yet another move.  That particular style aged me so much I was mistaken for a teacher.  I was a red head for a good 15 years and the color seemed to have suited me as people thought that was my natural color.

I have tried to go completely natural, but still have a few streaks of color.  I also have these beautiful ribbons of grey/white that will eventually take over and hopefully that will be the end of the coloring process.

After many, many attempts to find a suitable haircut, I have finally allowed my hair to be as wild as it wants.  I no longer try to tame it, straighten it, make it behave.  As I have allowed myself to just be, I have also allowed this freedom to my hair.  It has given both of us a much better life.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Rita comes to visit

I haven't had the Shells out in such a long time.  We have a very new and powerful bonding and I am glad for the two readings within the past few days.  I hope they will send me more people.

Monday, May 3, 2010


I am ecstatic when dear friend Rita wants to trade a massage for a reading.  Along with a deep massage, Rita also employs tuning forks, Bird energy, Tibetan bowls, Dragon bells and anything else that the shamanese within her feels is needed.  I have some sore spots in my body, particularly my calves, but am pleasantly surprised that my physical body is not more torqued out from living on the road.  I do feel that I am compressed and jammed up, but with Rita's assistance I am elongated.   Happy that this massage has unexpectantly shown up.

Rita's heart home is the Amazon and she has been there numerous times.  The last time she was there she traveled several days down the Amazon to a remote tribe where she was the first white female, possibly the first white person, to participate in their ancient plant ceremonies.  She has been such an inspiration to me and I love sharing our various tales and journeys.  We are always off on some gallop somewhere:).  Her garden and home sanctuary are pieces of paradise.

Beltane in Glastonbury, England

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Hats and Jewelry

Here is Maria in her new hemp hat, new jewelry and new shirt.  This shirt was mine at one point but I gifted it to Lilly, of Lilly's Closet, and Maria liked it so much she bought it.  I did love that shirt......

                                     Maria's new necklace

My lizard necklace.

Susan Tate

Susan Tate came to visit today.   This picture absolutely does not do her justice and does not capture the beauty that she carries, a photo cannot express her true essence.  Susan advertises herself as an Energy Intuitive/Reiki Master, but oh, she is so much more than that.

When back in Eugene it is imperative that I have an energy overhaul.  I stay as far away from the medical field as possible, only visiting when it is of the trauma nature, but checking in with my energy body is as important to me as a yearly physical check-up.  I am a high-sensitive, an empath, and have learned the hard way  to be very discerning in regards to who I allow into my energy field.  Susan is my favorite person for such work.

I met Susan at a one day workshop that none of us should have attended, but we were all drawn to a Chinese man who had some high billing and somehow we all felt it would benefit us from attending.   Soooo not the case.  But I was struck by Susan's beauty and met up with her again at a fire ceremony and we were drawn to one another.  We have been energetically playing together ever since.

I had an appointment with her on Friday and in exchange she came to me today.  We spent several hours in my favorite playground, divining, seeing, reflecting and affirming.  I brought out the akashic charts, the tarot cards and cowry shells.  The shells have not been out in a long time and they were particularly potent today, needing to speak.

I am so thankful to have been blessed with Susan's presence today.  To remember the joy of doing what I do best.

And, Susan, I did not thank you for the money exchange.  So, thank you.  I am still working on that receiving part of me.

Oh, and as far as my energy field, apart from some minor adjustments, I am good to go:).