The Aspect Of My Life

Sunday, November 20, 2011


I have been traveling with my garmin GPS since first purchasing Minnie.  The Lady Garmin has been my constant companion and she has gotten me to places far and wide.  Sometimes when traveling in the middle of nowhere with no radio stations I have used her to count down the miles as my sole source of amusement.

She started behaving strangely and eventually could no longer keep a charge.  I had to find my way back to Mesa twice without the benefit of my beloved GPS.  Thankfully I now know the Phoenix route fairly well so with only a minor detour when I found myself on the way to Tucson, I have been able to navigate my way back home.  But I knew it was time to purchase a new garmin and I now have a new one.

Will this new garmin be as good as my old one?  Will the voice be the same?  Will we be able to bond the same as the last one?  Can I trust this new garmin? 

Only time and a road trip will have the answer.  I am thinking about a trip next month to Tombstone to check out a park and see how this new garmin performs. 

Things may never be the same without my lovely Lady.

Monday, November 14, 2011


My travels have now taken me back to Mesa.

My last few days in Sedona found me once again in Jerome, in a saloon drinking whiskey and shooting pool, followed by a full moon drumming circle on Cathedral Rock.

Scout left early on Friday morning, along with neighbor Chris.  They had made a connection and had plans to rendezvous at Joshua Tree.  Haven't heard from Scout, but my guess is they spent a pleasant evening amidst spectacular scenery.  'Nuff said about that:).

On 11-11-11 I also made a connection in the form of a woman named Crystal.  I found myself the only person in the store ( and within a few minutes we had connected, knew one another and I found myself channeling a message to her.  Within another few minutes it was over, people entered the store and Crystal and I hugged, knowing it was a precious moment in time where hearts connect.

It was a day of connections and isn't that what 11-11-11 was all about?

Wednesday, November 9, 2011


Everyday I send Many Faces out into the world as my scout.  She is up early and reports back on the weather conditions, the energy of the day and the general vibe.  I never get out of bed until she gives me the report of the day.

She is also the scout on our hikes as she goes ahead of me and warns me of any conditions on the path that may need extra attention.

She is fearless, knows no stranger and is a great gatherer of information.  She is my Scout.


'Nother Day, 'Nother Face
 Yesterday was a relatively quite day for me.  I think I was just on energy overload and needed a day to integrate.  Many Faces road her bike to and from yoga, went for a hike and then went for a bike ride with our neighbor Chris.  I went for the hike, and that was enough, other than a shower.

For dinner we all congregated in Minnie for pizza and conversation but even then I just stayed at home and allowed the pizza to be brought to me.  Odd day, even odder evening.

Today I went for the one of the most magical hikes of my life, and I have been on some magical hikes.  We started toward Steamboat Rock but got side tracked to Grasshopper Point in the Coconino National Forest.  In a world where it is hard to find a parking place, we arrived and found we were the only car.  The hike was mystical, magical and many dimensional.  We passed through Boulder Land, Fairy Land, Sunny Vale and Pinon Forest, all names we made up as we passed from one dimension to another.  We ended up at a creek with Three Sisters, three majestic trees that had grown around a boulder and was the perfect place to sit and meditate.  If, or when, I live here, it is the place I would return to time and time again. 

I would happily live in these woods for the rest of my life.

Monday, November 7, 2011

Boars Gone Wild

Another Day, Another Face, Same Clothes
The day started cold with a wintry mix.  We started the day with massages and eventually made our way to the Sedona Meditation Center (  We stayed to enjoy the public meditation room with a huge quartz crystal in the center of the room.  Absolute bliss.

When we could finally pull ourselves away from our meditations we drove to Jerome but because of the lateness of the day we didn't stay and explore as long as we would have liked.  It's that whole thing about not being able to drive at night and we made it back to the rv site just as it was turning very dark.

After dinner we heard a loud ruckus outside and when we turned on the light, there they were, a family of boars looting the cooler.  They made off with coffee, bread and an ice pack and nothing we did could scare them off.  Not shouting, not the outdoor light, not the light of the camera's flash.

Strangest experience I have ever had at an rv park.

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Sedona, AZ

Just One of Many Faces
 I am now in Sedona for the week sharing Minnie with my gypsy soul sister, who has now been renamed Woman of a Thousand Faces.  I have never met anyone whose face so constantly changes!  She recently left Crested Butte, CO and has been living in her car until her next "home" shows up.  I have invited her to sleep inside Minnie since the nights have been so cold in Sedona.  We have hiked, shopped and eaten and are struck by how similar we are to one another.  Unfortunately that means neither of us has a sense of direction, neither of us drive well at night, neither of us cooks and our Venus in Scorpio makes for some very interesting male encounters.

The Crystal Skulls ( ceremony is tomorrow but it is not as public as I originally thought and only a limited amount of the "public" are allowed to attend with a price of $150.  I will not be in attendance.  I could rant, but I will just let it pass.

What will be public are many 11-11-11 ceremonies.  This has been another added bonus to this trip to Sedona.

I love Sedona.  I want to move to Sedona.  I have not felt so at home since Glastonbury.