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Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Odd energy

It has been a very strange and odd couple of days and it makes me wonder what is going on with the solar flares and Gaia. Things are feeling a bit topsy-turvy and I hope things will begin to realign as the equinox grows nearer. Teeter-totter, teeter-totter, teeter-totter.

I woke up yesterday feeling very weepy, not sure if what I was feeling was coming from me or if I was sensing some other sadness occurring elsewhere. Later in the day I received a call from my friends Sherida and Greg, my neighbors from Navarre, and they have lost another dog. That makes two within a month's time and has deeply shaken their world. I wish I were there, to hug Sherida, listen to her, do whatever I could. Mickey had been with Sherida for seven years and was the King of the household. And now they are down to just one dog, Patty, who was the newcomer to the pack. I cannot imagine the adjustments such losses create when you are still adapting to an RV lifestyle and have already given up so much. Their family of five has shrunk to three in the blink of an eye.

I also received several other calls from friends, all experiencing some type of "odd"


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