The Aspect Of My Life

Monday, July 22, 2013

Fortuna, CA

I am stationed in Fortuna, CA for a few days, the last of my RV parks before the Kaypacha Festival.  Tuesday I head to Garberville, CA and the great unknown.

I have heard that the road to the Heartwood Institute is "scary and challenging" so am a bit concerned but also excited to board this thrilling ride.  I am also feeling nervous and excited about stepping into this community of my fellow gypsy travelers who have also jumped off the cliff into this great unknown.

I won't have cell service or internet access for the upcoming week and my updates may be few and far between as I festival travel for the next month.  But I do hope there will be some interesting tales to tell when I eventually resurface.

Off I go, into the wild blue yonder.  Climbing high into the Sun....

Sunday, July 14, 2013

Break Free Story

 For those of you who may be interested in hearing more about my spiritual journey this link will take you to a recording of my Break Free Story.  My story begins around the 1:00:00 mark and it will only be available for a short time.  Enjoy:).

Friday, July 12, 2013

Brookings, Oregon

It is a foggy day at the Coast and I am listening to the sound of the lighthouse and the crashing surf.  I changed parks but am still in Brookings, OR.  I love my new site and this new town.
The View From the Last Park I Was In

My New View
There was nothing wrong with the last park I was at other than I could have been anywhere in the U S of A.  It was clean and quiet as was perfect for my needs at the time but now I feel like I am at the coast.  I tried to get a pull through site with a more unobstructed view of the water but since that was not possible I chose the best back-in site I could find. Totally love my new territory and have extended my stay for four more nights.  Perfect, perfect, perfect.

Next stop is Fortuna, CA and then on to join the Festival for a month of traveling.  Gonna be so good!

Saturday, July 6, 2013

A Perfect Day

I wasn't having the best of mornings.  I was feeling disconnected, unworthy and old.  Yes, the mirror was telling me I was definitely older.  New signs of aging seem to have magically appeared on my face, neck and arms.  I could swear they weren't there yesterday.  It didn't help that in dream time there had been yet another man I was totally connected to only to awaken and find he had stayed in the other reality.  I hate when that happens and it happens with far too much regularity.  Is it any wonder I want to stay in dream time as much as possible.

But the weather was sublime here on the Oregon coast so I stepped outside my door.....walked a 1/4 of a mile down the road....and walked into a Perfect Day.
The Dock at Brookings, Oregon
A Saturday market was set up on the Brookings dock and with the sun shining and temperatures in the 70s it seemed that everyone was in the best of moods.  And then the gifts just kept on coming:

1.  I purchased a beautiful bead bracelet for $1
2.  Had divine conversation with a beautiful woman as we shared our hearts with one another.   I love those moments of connection, where you are authentically seen.  I saw her, and she saw me and we hugged as we parted, total strangers only a few moments ago.       
3.  A micro-brew and good conversation with the man who brewed the beer and was also a massage therapist.
4.  A gift of some of the best fried shrimp I have ever tasted, compliments of the food vendor next to the beer brewer.    
5.  Held and snuggled a 6 week old Peek-a-Poo puppy.  Fell in love!  Maybe the dog for me?
6.  Browsed a real bookstore and more conversation, this time with the lady who owned the store.   She is loosing her sight and must cut down on her book reading.  We shared our love for books and talked about the haunting episode of the Twilight Zone where the man steps on his glasses.  If you have seen the episode, you will know which one we talked about.  Haunting!  I bought two books and a paisley patterned coloring book.
7.  An Umpqua mint chocolate chip ice cream cone.

I walked home with a pretty big smile on my face, thinking I had just experienced one of those perfect days.  I had turned my "frownie brownie" into a "smiley eyely", my heart was young and buoyant again and it no longer mattered what my old arms had to say.