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Saturday, February 13, 2010

Fort Stockton, Texas

Didn't want to leave this morning, could have happily lazed in bed all day, read, whatever, but the signs were such that it was time to move. Always best not to go against the energy flow.

This is from the Visitor's Guide for Fredericksburg, TX:

"..."Lasting Friendship" bronze by J. Hester depicting Fredericksburg founder John O. Meusebach sharing a peace pipe with Comanche Chief Santana. The ceremony of May 9, 1847, between Fredericksburg pioneers and the Comanche Nation marked the only known peace treaty with Native Americans in U.S. history thought never to be broken".

And maybe that is why I find that Land to be so incredible. Not necessarily the town itself, which is block after block of shops and stores filled with tourists (didn't even go there), but the energy of the Land itself is really quite amazing. I found myself falling into it and lots of lucid dreaming. Almost like being enchanted.
Same type of feeling I got from Needles, CA. Maybe it is best I don't stay in those places too long:).

Fabulous day driving across west Texas. I can appreciate why Texans are so proud of their state. Spectacular scenery, wide open roads, sunshine, good tunes, full tank of gas, smile on my face:)

I am at a new RV park situated on a hillside outside of Fort Stockton (Hilltop RV Park). It is very clean and the $25 price is right and I was starting to smell pretty rank. You wouldn't think driving would make you so stinky! Maybe I should rethink my shower schedule of every 3-4 days....Nah:).

It isn't often you get to watch the sunset from your back window and that was the real bonus of being situated on top of the hill. Also, right after I pulled in another RV came in with Oregon license plates. Haven't seen that in awhile. New moon tonight so should be some good star gazing.

All in all, a very good day.

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