The Aspect Of My Life

Friday, December 11, 2009

Tale of the traveling billfold

I forgot my billfold at the retreat center where I was staying during the Grandmother's sessions. Thus began an epic adventure.

To get to the retreat center, you first had to travel down a 10.8 mile road that was more of a railroad track than an actual dirt road. It took approximately 30-40 minutes to travel this 10.8 mile distance and I was so happy that I was staying on site and would not have to travel this road in and out each day. The day I drove into the retreat center Winnie shook, shaked, shimmed and threw things out of the cupboards right and left. By the time I reached the retreat center, it looked like I had been through a tornado!

After the last ceremony, I went to Winnie and quickly fell asleep at around 8:00PM, only to wake up again at around 11:00 PM. It was very clear to me that it was time to leave and I thought driving the road back out at night would help put me ahead of schedule for the next morning's drive and I could slowly drive out with no other cars or dust ahead of me. It felt like a really good plan.

The drive out was so beautiful. It was a glorious night and I had good tunes on the radio and all the time in the world. Just me, Winnie and nature. One of my best driving experiences.

I slept in a few parking lots until around 6:30 AM and then decided to get some gas and get on the road. When I went to get gas, I noticed I did not have my billfold with me. Not too happy! I thoroughly searched everywhere but it was not to be found. Nothing to do but drive back down that 10.8 mile road and see if it had been turned in or if it was somewhere.

So, back in I go, not nearly as mellow as the drive out, and checked the lost and found at the Earth Hall where the retreat had been, the dining hall which now had people eating breakfast, and the Welcome Center. Nope, not at any of those places. I did find my new purple wrap that I had worn every day during the sessions and had inadvertently left at the Earth Hall. That was a good thing:).

Nothing to do now but drive back to my mother's in Phoenix and deal with all those things that need to be dealt with when you lose your billfold. Ok, I have a plan and can deal with it. On the way down the mountain the weather is really starting to get windy, rainy and nasty and all I could think of was getting down the mountain before it got even worse. And the weather did get so much worse.

As I was turning onto the street where my mother lives, I got a call on my cell phone from Icasiana who managed the merchandise store where the Grandmother's sell various items from their countries and cultures. I had left my billfold there and for safekeeping, she had taken it with her to Sedona where the Grandmother's were having a one day workshop. Yeah! I know where my billfold is and certainly I can get it from Sedona. And thus began the epic journey.....

Icasiana found a woman who was going to take two people to the Phoenix airport the next day and she could bring the billfold down with her. This woman's name was Nancy and even though she called me Carol twice, my billfold was now in her hands.

I spoke to Nancy the next day and lo and behold, her plans had changed and she was now loaning her car to the two people taking the airplane and she was coming the next day to get her car back and would bring the billfold then. I told her this was not convenient for me since I needed to be on the road as soon as possible. So the new plan is she will pass my billfold off to Red Wolf, who will be driving Nancy's car to the airport.

So now Red Wolf has my billfold and is in Nancy's car on the way to the airport. The plan is to have Red Wolf leave the billfold under the passenger's seat, leave the car unlocked, let me know where he parked the car (Nancy will need this information as well so she can get her car back) and I will come to the airport parking lot, retrieve my billfold, lock the car, and leave Nancy's key in an easily accessible place.

After several phone calls back and forth to Red Wolf, he is now in on the plan. Unfortunately, Red Wolf locks the keys in the car along with my billfold. By now, I shouldn't even be surprised at the latest development.

Nancy has AAA which will unlock the car, but only if she is present to present her card and sign for it. (I had to do all the calling around since Nancy was still with the ceremonial fire tenders and way too looped out in the energy to deal with the mundane). I decide to just pay for a locksmith to meet me at the car and pop the lock. Thankfully, Red Wolf's instructions as to where he parked the car in the massive Phoenix airport, where spot on.

Now, how do I get to the airport???? The divine-ness in all this is that I had met a wonderful woman at the retreat by the name of Kat and she was coming into Phoenix for the night before her flight out the next day and she said she would happily come and pick me up and take me to the airport. She and I had an immediate connection when we met and it was such a pleasure to have that additional time together. I believe Spirit had a hand in making sure we had the opportunity to process more of our experience at the retreat and to align us for the next step along the journey. I feel very certain our paths have crossed for work we are to do together.

I also felt very protected. Had I been on the road as originally planned, I would have been caught in the storm somewhere along the road. As it was, I spent two extra nights in Phoenix which allowed time for the storm to pass and I could then travel behind the storm's path.

All of this would have been a bit challenging on a "normal" day. Now try dealing with all this after four intense days of ceremony! Talk about straddling worlds...not such an easy task. I was glad my mother could experience the unfolding of events because she wouldn't have believed it otherwise:).

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Van Horn, Texas

I am currently in Van Horn, Texas.

Still processing the powerful and intense energies of the Grandmother's retreat and will share when I am able. There are no words for some of the experiences, so other worldly.

I got down the mountain right in front of the storm that blasted the United States and stayed with my mother in Phoenix for an additional two nights. So happy to be tucked away in that safe womb while the angry wind howled and my entire body was on overwhelm and every cell pulsating. It was the most challenging "re-entry" I have ever experienced and wasn't sure if I would ever arrive back into normalcy.

My Dreamtime is filled with visions of the Grandmothers as we are all still connected within that matrix. So many prayers and rituals have altered my field., so much.....