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Monday, October 12, 2009


The rains are coming and life has settled into a certain peacefulness. The TV is gone which has freed up much needed space and it now feels much more open and less burdened within my small quarters. The bedding situation has been resolved and my bed now feels like a wonderful womb instead of a morning hassle. Finding it hard to leave my new space to do any daily errands. As the dust settles, I have had a fleeting moment of a sense of being free. Hope there are more of these moments to be strung together.

I have a wonderful younger man (early 40s???) who is my neighbor and has been separated from his wife for four months. How coincidental we would find ourselves neighbors for this next month. I am in awe of how accepting he is of his "doing nothing" in this interim period as he waits for his next chapter to unfold. He has helped me learn a few tricks and he makes me laugh, which is so welcome at this juncture. This afternoon we flushed out our sewage hoses. I have never had so much conversation regarding sewage and feces!! Not just from this afternoon, but the entire week I have been here. It is such a bizarre reality I am inhabiting:). My neighbor loves to cook, and brought me a big ole piece of brownie after we flushed our hoses. Feces and brownies???!!!! Gotta laugh:).

I spent some time with an older couple from Arizona figuring out a route to take to Phoenix next month. It all feels like it is coming together as I start to vision the next chapter. My friend Pamela was over earlier in the day and "made like a car" so I could test out my side mirrors and see where the blind side is so I can more accurately calculate where the cars are on my left side. That feels much better now. Thank you Pamela!

I also have a puppy that I am in love with. It is a 6 month old Golden Retriever that walks by my space each day and stops to be loved and petted. Such soft fur and white teeth and exuberance! His owner's name is Susan and we also have a special connection.

These are the precious moments of my new life.

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