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Saturday, November 28, 2009


Eat sleep shop read eat sleep shop read eat sleep shop read eat sleep shop read eat sleep shop read eat sleep shop read.........

Whew! Getting close to disconnecting from the 3D grid once again and entering an entirely different reality. 3D is fine to visit, but I no longer choose to make it my permanent reality. Although, I have certainly enjoyed football:).

Next week I am off to a retreat center just outside of Sedona, Arizona where there will be no TV, cell phones, internet or even meat. Four days of prayer, sacred fire and a much broader and expansive consciousness field. I am a Traveler and now instead of traveling through the stars and galaxies, I am traveling through different consciousness bands within the same planet. It is feeling quite delightful:).

I also feel the cosmic waves as they bathe the planet. Today, in the early morning hours, I surfed a wave of pure bliss, the first of its kind I have felt. Oh, how I hope that this is the new energy that we have been waiting for and that it is here to stay.

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