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Saturday, November 14, 2009

Welcome to Arizona!

I have made it all the way to Arizona, and am now just a few hours outside of Phoenix. What an amazing accomplishment, particularly since I have only owned Minnie a little over a month. Wow is all I can say:).

The ride today was good, and there was that brief period of time where the road was smooth and open, no cars ahead or behind, and there was good music on the radio and it was that bit of nirvana that is so fleeting while traveling. Everything comes together to create the perfect conditions.

Even though there may be more traffic on the interstate, I am looking forward to roads that don't rattle my bones and Minnie's bones. It is so much more noticeable driving a motorhome and I have driven on some very rutted and grooved pavements. I cannot play CDs while driving because they jump and skip and bounce. The great stereo system I thought I was getting must not have skip protection so it is radio only. But I have finally figured out how to search for radio stations while driving and I love the surprise of hitting upon a station that is playing some great music.

How long have I been on the road??? Feels like much longer than just a week.....

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