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Thursday, November 12, 2009

Needles, California

I am beyond tired and into depleted. That was not the plan for today. I had thought to stop in Barstow, half way across the Mojave, but the RV I had programmed into my GPS was nowhere to be found. Then I thought I might stay at a Flying J, but when I backtracked to the J, that was not a place I wanted to stay for any extended time. So my next plan was to stay in Ludlow, and there was NOTHING. And there continued to be NOTHING. Nothing to do but continue on to Needles and then the RV park I had programmed in took me to a vacant spot. It was now near 4:00 PM, I had been on the road since 9:30 AM, and I was jittery from all the Red Bulls and ready to cry. Thankfully when I called the RV park they guided me in and now I am in Needles, California and arrived just in time to set up before dark and watch a spectacular sunset.

I may stay here for another night just to recoup from the two very long days on the road. The wifi seems to be good, at least it is a secure connection, and at this point I don't ask for much more. Oh, and there is no highway noise or trains! I only have a short day to Quartzsite, Arizona and then a short day to Phoenix. It will be good to stop traveling.

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