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Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Highway 99

Yuk, I am no fan of Hwy 99 and I hope someone will remind me of this fact if I ever think to travel it again. Choppy pavement, trucks, trucks, trucks, traffic, towns and the potential for fog and wind.
But, I put in my longest day yet and have arrived in Bakersfield, California, not a town you want to spend too much time in. It is a very large truck stop.

Having said that, I am delighted to be in Bakersfield for the simple fact of having made it here. This has become a milestone for me. I am now near Arizona and tomorrow after crossing the Mojave Desert I will be within touching distance. Wow. I am amazed with myself.

And, I am also extremely fatigued and tired and the wifi is testing my patience so enough for now.

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