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Friday, October 9, 2009

RV Life

Whew, what a journey!

I picked up the RV on Saturday, October 3rd, stuffed her full to be able to completely move out of the house by Monday, October 5th, and finished just in time to have a major meltdown. Leaving the house and all the memories was quite painful, and the fear of what I was undertaking became overwhelming. All the strength, clarity and resolve I previously had left in one fell swoop. I was quite the mess. Thankfully, dear friend Carolyn called at the perfect moment and assured me it was a natural process, and not a sign of weakness.

Sam piggy-backed cars with me (oh my gosh, how glad am I to have the car right now!!!???) and so I checked into the RV park with the car first and emotional turmoil written all over my face. A wonderful woman by the name of Marianne (Mother Mary in disguise) checked me in and told me to honk when I came back with the RV and she would help me set everything up. Thank you Spirit for sending me the exact women at the exact time.

So, Marianne helped me set up water, electric and sewage and answered all my initial questions. Another kind man helped me figure out the water heater (he asked me "how are you" and I responded "I need HELP!" so what else could he do:)?). Everything magically worked - still feels magical that I can have electricity, wifi, hot water, a flushing toilet, microwave, fridge all in the comforts of a vehicle I can drive. How does this all work???

Spent Monday and Tuesday night in a pull-through trying to re-organize and situate myself. Out went the glasses - acrylic only - and a trip to Wal-Mart and Camp World helped me get a bit more organized. I am still in the process of what stays and what goes into my 5'x5' storage unit. Should have it all figured out by the time I hit the road sometime in November.

Wednesday was moving day, moving into a permanent spot for a month's stay. It was now up to me to un-do everything, back into my spot, and reconnect everything. On my own. Luckily, I was feeling confident, took it slowly, asked a neighbor a few questions while disconnecting (grey water and black water valves are opened, when do I close them back???) and drove around the circle to my new spot. The previous evening Marianne had walked me through the disconnect and we had walked to my new spot so I could visualize how backing in would look and she gave me some valuable pointers. Slow but steady, ask for a spotter if needed, keep to the inside of the road, line up with this spot.....

And I did it!!! Not only that, but it wasn't that difficult and I only had to make some minor adjustments to straighten out and get it perfectly aligned. I was so pleased with myself::))). Minnie really does handle beautifully. Fabulous power steering. My concern at the moment is the HUGE blindspot these RVs have and not being able to turn my head and look behind me. Mirrors only. That is for another day....

I am now all hooked up again, using an electric heater to save on propane (learning lots of ways to save on propane, everyone has been offering valuable information) and continuing to adjust to the needs and comforts of RV life. Gotta get some different bedding! And the beautiful flatscreen TV must go to storage, just no room and not a necessity. And, have kinks in my sewage hose which will need to be addressed much to learn. Good thing I am a fast learner and I have a thick manual to start studying.

I am set up for the month at space #37 at Deerwood Park
so if you would like to come for a visit, just give me a call on my cell phone to make sure I am home and we can sit outside and enjoy the peace and quiet. Would love to see you all.

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