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Sunday, November 15, 2009


Well, I have done it, I am in Phoenix, Arizona. Yahoo, yahoo, Yahoo!!!!!

Easy day's drive, some challenging wind coming across the desert but thankfully no blowing dust (plenty of signs warning me of this potential) and light traffic coming into Phoenix. I actually hit a point where I was feeling groovy. That is the only word that describes it most accurately. Groovy, in the groove.

So now I am resting at my mom's, getting fed well, enjoying this fast internet connection and the luxury of a hot bath and TV. Minnie is parked on the street, tucked in for the night. She has served me well, this steed of mine, and we are now taking a break for a few weeks until the next leg of the journey begins.

For those of you who are reading, I will post as often as there is something needing to be written.
But for now, I am Queen Susan, feeling pretty danged good:)!

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  1. Congratulations and YOU GO GIRL!!!!!! I just found this blog--through notations from another blog--and will it from the beginning.
    I want to commend you for living the dream, keep up the good blog, and stay safe in your travels.