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Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Lodi, California

Two and a half hour drive today. Drove through Sacramento traffic!!!!! Called in a Guide to clear the traffic for me and to actually take over the driving. Seems to have worked:).

I also finally entered that "traveling zone" you sometimes enter when traveling and the stress and worry seem to leave and you are in the zone, at one with the road. Felt really good.

And I like the park I am at, each park so different from the last one. This is the first one that is gravel instead of paved, and the weather is warmer and the birds are singing. There is a point when you are no longer leaving, and are in the flow of being, until you get to the next point of arriving. I am now in that point of being.

It also feels as if there was a break through this morning. If I am laying bricks of my new foundation, I want those bricks to be as well laid as possible, with no fears attached to them. My new mantra, "what are the bricks you are laying?".

Isn't there a song about "stuck in Lodi"? I like it here, even though I think it is next to an active railroad track:).

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