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Saturday, November 7, 2009

Heaven.....and Hell

Started out on the road today. Finally relinquished my car yesterday and once again said good-bye to Sam, so it was a very emotional day and one of many ups and downs. Problems needed to be resolved, the front tires on Minnie have these very recessed valves which means I need to use a screw driver and take off the hub caps to access them, how am I ever going to do all this??????

Good to finally just go, and trust that all will be well. The weather cooperated and even though the forecast was for rain and wind, the sun was shining when I left and the wind was a minor factor. I traveled slowly, kept in the right lane and was only on the road for less than two hours. I had packed tightly enough so nothing rattled, seem to have at least figured that much out, and white knuckled my way to Canyonville, Oregon. Well, maybe, more correctly, death gripped my way here. Had the opportunity to do some hills, adjust for some winds and feel a bit more comfortable driving Minnie. Glad I didn't try to travel any further on this first travel day.

While staying at Deerwood Park in Eugene I had heard several people talk about the Seven Feathers Casino in Canyonville and what a nice park it was so it looked to be a good place to stop for the first night. It is a wonderful park, nicely paved level sites nestled within a mountainous bowl. The sun was shining when I arrived, the desk clerks most helpful, and you even get an escort to your designated space. I splurged and paid an extra $3.00 for a pull through so I wouldn't have to back in. Really, really wonderful. I also took advantage of the pool, hot tub and shower facilities.

That was the heaven part. Now the hell part was the casino! I took the shuttle to the casino and as soon as I entered I was blasted by plumes of smoke from all the smokers in the casino. Seems you can smoke in these facilities! Even in the sports bar restaurant! Whodda thought? They do have a non-smoking casino area but to reach it you have to go through the entire smoke filled casino, and then exit through the smoke again when you leave. Yuk, yuk, yuk. I stayed just long enough to watch how miserably the Oregon Ducks were playing, get a Players Card which gets me an additional 10% off my nightly rate and $.03 off per gallon of gas if you use their gas station, and spend $2.00 gambling. I have no interest in gambling, have no idea what the thrill is, and haven't a clue how to even play the machines. Wow, what a difference between the RV park and its beautiful surroundings and the inner inferno of the casino. New and old energies so clearly defined. But I would stay here again, maybe even for a few days. I just wouldn't go to the casino again. Message received.

Off to Mt. Shasta tomorrow and up and over some big mountain passes. Going to check on the weather before I leave to make sure the road is dry and the snow levels are above 4500 feet. Should only take me a couple hours to get there and then will stay with my friend Wren who is feeding me salmon for dinner. That should be enough incentive to get me over those passes:).

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