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Saturday, October 17, 2009

RV Life

The thing about RV life is, people leave.....

My puppy has gone, spurred on by the rains that came, and I am missing the feel of that silky fur and puppy joy. Makes me wonder if I wouldn't enjoy having a furry traveling companion, but then what kind of life is it to be confined to small quarters or walking on a lease? And the thought of pee or poop in the RV, just about cancels any thoughts of house training. So....will just see what comes along.

The rains came with gusto, I think it was at least a 1/4 of an inch that first night, and I have realized how much more in tune I am with nature. Sitting in an RV watching the rain, and listening to the rain, feels so much more exposed than sitting within a house. There are more textures and layers to the rain, the sounds are different, and louder. The first night I did not sleep well, wondering if there would be any leaks, and adjusting to the new audibles. The heavy rains sound like hail, and the lighter rains are so soft and caressing. When I look out the window, I am still surprised to see there is actually less rain falling than it feels like inside this new home. Best news, not a drop of rain has leaked inside.

Spent several hours adjusting, and re-adjusting my route down to Phoenix. Don't want to drive too many miles any given day, but must be able to end up at an RV park. And, I want to avoid the large interstates whenever possible. So there has been a lot of fine tuning and even that may yet need to be fine tuned again:)! I think when the time comes, in two weeks, I will be ready to leave. Or, if not, I will just flow with that as well.

On clear nights I can step outside and view the stars, looking for signs, asking for visions from my Star brothers and sisters. It feels wonderful to be in a place where this is so possible. The sky here does not compare to the sky at Mt. Adams which makes me realize and appreciate even more the magic of Mt. Adams.

I am now dreaming in a larger collective field and my dreams feel very off, further away, more fearful. I have had to become very conscious to energetic boundaries and yesterday smudged, salted, cleansed and smashed to establish new boundaries that were not originally established. Had some dark energies enter my field the other night which needed to be taken care of and a wonderful wake up call to keep my space clean, clean, clean. This will be of absolute importance as I move down the road and I am thankful to get the message this early into the journey.

And so it goes......

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