The Aspect Of My Life

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Destruction = Creation

My former life is in shambles. It is as if a bomb of unknown force has exploded and I am now left with rubble and ruin at my feet as I look out upon a scenery of destruction. I have known this, friends have reflected this to me, but in the early morning hours I have finally seen this inner landscape and now know it to be true. And now I understand this feeling of overwhelm. It is the overwhelm of the rebuilding. And the drive, guts and determination that it will take to create a new world. It is hard work. And every day is like a new brick I lay in the foundation of this new world. And if I get too far ahead of myself this work looks do you rebuild an entire world?

Why, by being the Creator herself.


  1. I sometimes look around Boston at all the brick buildings and think that each brick was laid by hand. The ones in the sidewalks too. Bit by bit. Each painting is many strokes of the brush. A poem - each word placed. You're good to go, girl. Remember the phoenix.

  2. I am on this same stage...your words inspire me. Thanks