The Aspect Of My Life

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Weed, CA

Been on the road for a few days, staying at parks with limited or no wifi service, or service that is so expensive I refuse to pay. Couple of really long days for me, windy conditions and traffic, but I am now in Weed, CA with my friend Wren who has once again stuffed me with salmon and feta cheese and gone out to the far reaches of consciousness to play with me.

Not sure if I am ready to head back to Eugene, did I leave the sunny climates too early, how will my friends and family feel after all the time I have been gone and growth that has occurred, who will I be when put back into this environment. I just don't know.

Tomorrow there will be more mountain passes to drive over and then a stop at one of my favorite parks, Seven Feathers Casino in Canyonville, OR, and then on to Eugene for at least a month's stay while I tie up all those loose ends left dangling when I left. And, how did I not know that *everybody* has their social security card in their possession, or at least they know where it is???? I am shocked to find out this is something I somehow missed out on and now have to go to the courthouse, fill out forms, etc etc etc.....wasn't memorizing all those numbers and remembering them for all those years good enough???? So, just another thing that needs to be done...

Oh, and Louisiana, I think California officially may have the worst rest areas, at least the southern part, where they all seem to have been looted, pillaged, ripped and torn. Somebody should talk to Arnold.


  1. Hey, Susan, we passed through Weed this last Sunday and are currently in Medford, Oregon. So, we are nearly neighbors as you pass through. My Mother came close to death a few days ago but is returning to us. The family is gathered for support as she recovers.

    Thanks for sharing your adventures. Hope the Eugene thing goes well.


  2. Hi Mike, just made it through Medford yesterday. Funny how paths and orbits circle around one another.
    It is wonderful you have all gathered around your mother to cherish this time together. We thought my father was quite ill a while back but he must have decided he wanted to stay a bit longer because is now healthy and planning a trip to England. You never know....