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Thursday, March 4, 2010


Today was laundry day and take it from me, not all laundry facilities are created equal.

Because I am currently staying at such a large park, I had to walk two blocks each way to do my laundry. I would have put it off until I was at a park with closer facilities, but with all those new quarters in my pocket and bedding needing to be washed, it just seemed like a good day for laundry.

Other than the long walk, this was a fairly decent laundry facility. The bonus was that you could add .25 as needed when drying, versus the more typical policy of having to add an entire drying sum, usually .75-$1.25. These are some of the things I have come to appreciate while doing laundry on the road: TVs and good reading material, TVs are extremely rare; a nice chair to sit in; a good book exchange, or any book exchange at all!; dryers that really work and don't cost $2.00 worth of quarters to get my light weight clothes dry; a CLEAN facility with washers and dryers that are not out of order; and the worst one ever, no standing water on the floor! Ewwww...that was the worst. And, as much as I love dogs, no large, hairy dogs in the laundry room while I am taking out my freshly laundered clothes.

Good to be clean for another few days, or weeks.

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