The Aspect Of My Life

Monday, March 22, 2010


Ugh, I have been dealing with my storage unit for several days. Even though it is only 5'x5', what is left are my most beloved items from a time and life I dearly loved. Mostly it is what I considered my "sacred objects" so there are feathers, and tarot cards, and divination readings, and cloths, and tapestries, and runes, and on and on and on. And although I now consider them to be just that, "objects", I still feel their energy and it is not easy letting them go, which is why they have been in storage.

The problem is, I want them all to go to good homes. But the amount of energy it would take to physically transport them all to various people and places is just too much. So, I am struggling with this parting and asking for an easy release so that I can move forward with lightness.

Tomorrow I tackle the very large suitcase that holds my goddess garb. Now that should really be a challenge:)!

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  1. This storage place has been a great place to store my business equipment. I've used this facility for over 2 years and they have been excellent to work with and affordable too.