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Friday, March 5, 2010

'Nother Week in Goodyear

I was already to leave tomorrow, had my week's reservation in Needles, CA, had already said some good-byes, and *poof*, there go those plans!

My refrigerator mysteriously stopped working off of electricity so now will only work off of my propane. I checked everything I knew to check, had a neighbor check what he could think of, called a mobile RV repair service and they had me check everything they could think of, and it looks like a service call is in order. He can't get to me until Monday and then there may be a part to order which would take another few days, so here I am, another week in Goodyear. Good news is that this site was available for another week, which was very fortunate, and I have found a place to buy propane when I start to get panicky about how low I am getting. At the moment I have a half tank so will see how far that gets me.

Trying to see the "bigger picture" as to why I have been delayed this week, and the money it will cost to repair the fridge, and once again, surrender is the theme of the day.

I think I need a drink.....

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