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Thursday, March 11, 2010


Been thinking about all that has happened since I left Eugene, white-knuckled, fear laden, overwhelmed, not knowing how I was to accomplish living this life style, but knowing somehow it would all work out. These are some of my favorite memories from my first few months:

Having such an amazing neighbor while parked that first month in Eugene. He helped me through so many lessons and experiences and made me laugh through it all. It makes me smile just thinking about it:).

My friend Wren talking me off the ledge that second day on the road when I felt absolutely paralyzed. She helped me laugh through it as well.

Finally making it to my mom's house in Phoenix and that amazing feeling of accomplishment.

Getting stuck in the mud while at my brother's and watching the good ole boys load onto the tractor, beer in tow, to pull Winnie out of the swampy ground. They were having so much more fun than I was:).

All those times I pulled into Flying J's or Love's to fill up, feeling so cocky, that yes, I was a woman traveling alone, filling up at the truck stop. I still get that same feeling.

Having the best, best, best neighbors I could have ever hoped for while in Navarre, FL. Despite the frigid temperatures, every day was a laugh and love fest. And the food Sherida made (never had better linguine and clams) has yet to be equaled. Whenever I talk on the phone with Sherida I still laugh till my belly hurts and tears roll down my face. I look forward to the day, somewhere, sometime, when we are neighbors again.

Meeting Gypsy Larry who carries the most amazing energy I have ever experienced. His presence lights up the world and it is good he is traveling far and wide to share this light with as many people as possible.

Benson, AZ.....I don't think I got enough! Don't know what it is about that place, but I'll be back.

Rest areas, I love them all! I stop at as many as possible and have never been disappointed. There is something about the energy of so many people traveling to so many places, pausing for that brief moment together, that always gives me a warm, fuzzy feeling. And the surprise of never knowing what you might get....maybe free coffee, maybe free orange juice, maybe a doughnut, maybe free wifi, or maybe just amazing scenery. Texas, by far, has the best rest areas, and Louisiana the worst, mainly because there are none! But, you will never find a bigger fan of rest areas than me:).

I have met so many people, listened to so many stories of pain and joy, laughed, hugged, shared bread, tipped a few cocktails, played dice and cards, greeted many dogs and lived such a full, full life, that I have never regretted a moment of this lifestyle I have chosen.

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