The Aspect Of My Life

Sunday, March 21, 2010


I have heard the song of a Waterfall, stunning in its beauty, a feminine voice flowing to me, embracing me, sharing what few have ever heard.

I have heard the lullaby of a Tree as we shared our songs with one another. I know the sway of the Trees, how they breathe and move, felt their strength and fluidity, ridden their energy like a bucking bronco.

I have heard the song of a Bird that was so magical the imprint was tatooed into my very cells.

I have toned within ancient barrows, drummed in stone circles, ridden the vibration of a chorus of angels and been spun within the tones of a Tibetan bowl.

This is the world that feeds and nourishes me and I am paying tribute on this Equinox, the day of awakening.

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