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Thursday, March 11, 2010

This and That

Still on a winning streak. Played Zingo last night and won two of the nine games. Got myself a pocket full of quarters:).

Now that Mars has gone direct, I am feeling even more antsy to get on the road. Hopefully, the fridge will be repaired tomorrow and I can leave on Saturday heading towards Eugene for at least a month's stay. Lots of business to tend to.

Got my paperwork for my employment at Mt. Hood, OR for the summer. OMG - how do I remember all those dates of where I worked when???? Did the best I could and hope everything checks out at least well enough to secure the job. It really looks to be a fabulous resort. I have enclosed a link if anyone wants to check it out. (Hope it works, haven't quite figured out how to add a link).

Couldn't figure it out, but here is the link:

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