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Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Shooting Stick

Stumbled upon a billiards room and couldn't resist the urge to see how much my game has atrophied since being at my brother's. No big surprise, my game has gone down a few notches.

My brother is an amazing potter ( which the article can explain better than I can. He left the "civilized world" many years ago and never looked back. His life is rustic at best and he is only a few years past having an outhouse and a home that was called the Airhouse because it had no external walls. What he does have going for him in his new abode is a regulation pool table that takes up most of his living/dining area. In December I spent several weeks with him and because there is not much to do other than throwing pots or shooting pool, I spent a lot of time trying to improve my game. On occasion I would have moments of brilliance, but what I lack is consistency. That comes with countless hours of playing and my brother has obviously put in some time. His ease and skill with a pool stick amaze me and I always tell him he could make some money playing this sport if he ever wanted to. He is just happy to have someone to play with and help them figure out the angles and improve their game.

My son also had the opportunity to spend some time with his uncle and the three of us spent way too much time shooting pool with one another. Basically, Ben and I played while my brother, Michael, encouraged us and gave us some valuable pointers. He "toyed" with us until he had enough and then would run the table. But Ben and I did learn alot and played as much as we could. The last time I shot any pool was at a bar in St. Francisville, LA and I whooped Benny. Chock one up for mom:).

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