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Monday, March 8, 2010

The Loom

I spent several months in initiation with a Tree at Mt. Pisgah in Eugene, Oregon. I started to carry a small notepad so that I could write down all that was coming through in an attempt to not forget all the many teachings. I remain in awe of what was written, as I now feel so removed from that time.

I purchased a crockpot on Saturday at a park yard sale. Because I have such limited space, I needed to rearrange all the cupboards in order to find a place for this new purchase. In the rearranging, I found a notepad that I had completely forgotten about but now feel was perfect in the timing of its rediscovery. I am hesitant to share one of the entries, one of several, but also feel I will get no rest until I do. So here it is.

January 12, 2008

"What is it about Her that calls us out of our warm homes to walk upon Her body during rain deluges?

She gushes with fertility and cannot be denied.

I sit with the Tree and am immediately transported through an energy portal. The Sun comes out and shines on me as I recover the buried wisdom, the Book of Alchemy.

I straddle the two worlds - one side flowing, golden locks, the other side dark, with a finely woven tapestry of colors. In between is the loom, the place of transformation that is necessary for creation. The 'wool' is taken from the golden locks, processed through the holes/grids of the loom and comes through on the other side a beautiful tapestry of many brightly colored yarns".

Few people will understand that this is where my soul resides, within the space that weaves this loom and everything I do and am, is for this purpose. And I have never known it so clearly and dearly as when I sat with my Tree.

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