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Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Whadda Day!

It has been one of those days, a "pin ball day", where I am shot off into wherever the energy takes me.

Started with a call at 7:15 AM from a friend in Portland who thought I was still in Florida so figured it was a good time to call. Then a call from a former client woke me again at 10:00 AM. Felt like people wanting different parts of me which left me scattered and shattered

Off to the storage unit for the final time and then since I was in the vicinity, felt like a good time to drive by my former house. Nope, no energy left there. Good to know.

Went to Market of Choice and according to the law of "when you look your worst you will see someone you know", encountered a man I knew from my water aerobics class. During one of our first conversations he remarked on my tattoo, how he had seen it as a petroglyph at a place in Oregon. I have always known it to be an ancient petroglyph, but didn't know it was recorded in Oregon. So interesting to have just blogged about my tattoo, and there was this interaction again. Wish I could remember the name of the town..

Numerous emails and calls regarding the few items I posted on craigslist, all of which have now sold. That was fast! Numerous calls from Sam as the paper work for dissolution become more finalized.

Finally got around to a shower and couldn't help but notice how my Venus de Milo body is now looking more like Venus of Willendorf:). Thank you Venus for your continued presence, may I age with grace, wisdom and acceptance. And, maybe a flattering mirror or two???

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