The Aspect Of My Life

Thursday, September 2, 2010


My workamping experience at Mt. Hood was what I refer to as the Perfect Storm.

I chose a park that was HUGE, almost 400 RV sites, 3 yurts, 21 tent sites, 9 rustic cabins, 2 cabin suites, and innumerable cottages.   I was assigned the busiest schedule, Thursday, Friday and Saturday, and the busiest times of the day.  The experienced full time worker I was to work with quit after Memorial weekend so I was left working with someone who was even less experienced than I was as my "go to person".  Add to that half the work staff that was there last year, a season that started May 15th instead of earlier in the month and a staff already stretched to the limit.  And, I came to learn, a manager well over his head in managing the park.  There were multiple other problems which were never taken care of and you have a Perfect Storm for my first workamping experience.

I have been stressed, overwhelmed, pissed off, incredulous and exhausted.  I have also met some wonderful people, laughed myself silly and learned a lot about myself and my relationship to other people. I was glad to be here for my son, my dad and his wife, and for those valuable visits from my friend Wren.  I could write a book about each of the characters who have inhabited this world with me, and what characters they have been.  I have never known such people before in my life and likely will never again be surrounded with such a vast diversity of gravediggers, welders, ex-cons, peeping toms, and "supposed" drug dealers.  I have come to realize what a sheltered life I have led.  It has not been easy, but it has been a world of new experiences.

I feel it is now time for a totally different experience and have accepted a new workamping job which I hope will bring some peace back into my life.  At the very least, it will be wonderful to soak in some healing waters and be more among people who "speak my language".  I knew it was to be my next assignment and am very excited about this amazing opportunity.  It starts October 1st and I have committed for at least 3.5 months, with the possibility of staying as long as I want.

So, check out my next assignment.


  1. Nice! Maybe we can all come visit you there!

    Glad to hear you are moving on to something that better suits you.


  2. Susan, I pray this new calling will be as refreshing to you as the link was to me! It sounds like a wonderfully laid-back place to be (and, to visit). Wow! Each of your new destinations, it seems to me, will be so much more intense, colorful, appreciated, after having "gone through the Hood" initiation! Keep up the good work and the great adventure! vic

  3. Susan, what a wonderful change for you. I can't wait to see how it goes, what your duties will be, etc. This new job will take you at least into the middle of January, perfect timing to be in the desert. I hope you love it!

  4. In retrospect, isn't experience wonderful? Wisdom and insight aren't often free. I am gaining these things from YOUR experience, and I am thankful. Thanks so much for sharing!