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Tuesday, September 7, 2010

The Packing has Begun

It is almost over, only this next weekend to work, and I can finally be back on the road and heading to a new destination.  I have scoured Gloria's notebooks for RV parks I want to visit, started packing up my outdoor table and chairs, cleaned windows, defrosted the fridge, cleaned the stove, washed towels, rugs and bedding, run the generator, started Minnie to make sure she still runs and made a hair appointment for Monday.  As soon as my hair has been given a much needed make over, I am off to Eugene for a few nights to have lunch with my son and hear about this year's experience at Burning Man.

I have never been to Burning Man and doubt I will ever get there, too many people and too much heat.  But it is with deep wonder that my son feels so at home in this environment.  It makes me feel that even after my poor parenting skills, my son still became a most amazing human.  I cannot begin to describe or explain what Burning Man is all about, but I hope this video will give some insight into the New World that is forming.  It is the middle video, titled "Gifting".

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