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Sunday, September 19, 2010

Red Bluff, CA

I think I have just found my new favorite resort, the Durango RV Resort  This was one of Gloria's favorites so I will have to thank her for this great find.

The club house is huge with an assortment of leather couches and chairs with a big screen TV that had Sunday night football on - always a bonus.  The sites are exceptionally large, a few restaurants are within walking distance, free coffee and paper in the morning and an outdoor swimming pool that had me drooling.  Unfortunately, today was cool, rainy, foggy and cloudy so not such a good day for swimming and sunning.  Would have loved to just lounge by the pool today.  It has excellent wi-fi, a big open sky to watch the stars at night and with my senior discount is only $37 per night.  Yes, this may very well be my new #1 park.

I have had to totally rethink my route from here as I forgot that the weather can be extremely hot this time of year going my previous routes.  Staying away from the desert and heading up to the mountains, or at least high desert.   That leaves me crossing over into Nevada tomorrow instead of heading further south through California.  I plan to take it slow and easy, savoring this time with myself and enjoy the new parks as yet undiscovered.  I also get to add another state to my map of where Minnie and I have traveled.  I am a little nervous about driving through this unknown territory but am amazed how comfortable I felt today driving the mountain passes that usually are so intimidating.

I wonder if the thrill is gone?

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