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Thursday, September 23, 2010

Pahrump Day #2

This resort continues to amaze me.  Everywhere I look there is another hidden treasure.
Mountain View

Full moon just coming over the mountain
Gorgeous Full Moon
My back yard

Nearest Neighbor - they pulled out this morning   

These amazing benches are everywhere
Zen Theme
Tucked away in a corner

This is really such an amazing place and I am glad I decided to stay another night and take care of a multitude of chores this morning.  I am battling an onslaught of mucus which was the next step after the scratchy throat so a good day to soak up some sun, swim and lounge poolside.

Whadda life:).

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  1. Nice place, great photos. I just took similar photos of the moon coming up over the mountains behind my condo. Palm trees, moon, hills. Enjoy!